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Release 10.2 build 1013, 7/May/2024

  • Scripting, Fixed SETTEST & UNSETTEST commands was not accepting MONITOR or KEYBOARD as valid tests
  • Scripting, Fixed issue with SETMANAGEMENT command not connecting to console properly
  • Fixed possible crash when Plugin file path is too long
  • Fixed issue where only first DIMM was displayed in sysinfo tab + reports
  • Fixed 'C:' always displaying for disk test when running on USB
  • Fixed issue where BIT does not close when running a script and a stop file is created
  • Fixed incorrect duty cycle for some tests in reports
  • Prevent issuing of ATA passthrough commands to non-supported USB drives such as flash drives/SD card readers

Release 10.2 build 1012, 25/January/2024

  • Added some extra error detection for the OpenCL error code CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES. This error was seen in real world on systems with 4GB of main RAM. Which isn't really enough to run windows.
  • The OpenGL Graphics 2D and GPGPU Test will exclude GPUs from OpenClOn12 platform (Windows Store App OpenCL™ and OpenGL® Compatibility Pack). The app is an emulation layer to run OpenCL code through DirectX 12 supported hardware on system that may not have OpenCL installed. This can cause duplicates of GPUs to appear (i.e. one directly running on hardware, the other through DirectX 12 on hardware) and an adapter called the "Microsoft Basic Render Driver". Don't include these GPUs, as they are known to cause failing tests.
  • 3D Graphics, Removed the FPS penalty message in DX12 test
  • Added support for DISABLE keywords INVENTORY, TEMPERATURE, MONITOR, KEYBOARD in BITAccess.txt
  • Prevent duty cycle from being altered on the dashboard if disabled by BITAccess.txt
  • Updated help document for "-MP" command to note when using logginag with filename variable %REPORTSERIAL%, the serial will not be in the log filename because the Report Information window is shown after the existing log are saved and before the information is collected from the user. User should use "-M" instead to prompt the user for the serial before the test is started.
  • Video Playback, Fixed 'No operations reported' error occurring due to previous changes
  • Further BSOD system crash fixes

Release 10.2 build 1011, 26/October/2023

  • Further BSOD system crash fixes for certain Lenovo systems

Release 10.2 build 1010, 17/August/2023

  • Fixed possible BSOD system crash while attempting to collect RAM SPD data via PCIe registers on a small number of machines. Trigger conditions is combination of Window patch levels and BIOS security settings. New Lenovo laptops with Intel CPUs seem to be the main machines impacted.
  • Fixed some Traditional Chinese translations

Release 10.2 build 1009, 9/August/2023

  • Fixed crash when collecting system information on AMD 19h machines
  • Fixed crash when collecting system information if "Enhanced Windows biometric security" setting is enabled in BIOS
  • Fixed some Traditional Chinese translations

Release 10.2 build 1008, 31/July/2023

  • Fixed issue where DirectIO driver may not load with multiple instances of the same app or when other PassMark apps are running concurrently
  • Disable loading legacy DirectIO driver on Win10/11 to prevent 'A driver cannot load on this device' error
  • Dropped support for 32-bit DirectIO driver, running 32-bit verion of BurnInTest will not have temperature monitoring and less system information gathered
  • CPU, Fixed issue when selecting a single specific CPU thread to test was running on all CPU threads instead
  • Preferences, Fixed update CPU affinity option where number of threads field was enabled when normal task scheduling was selected
  • Updated old links in the help file

Release 10.2 build 1007, 20/June/2023

  • Temperature, bug fix, reenabled increased auto select temperature sources back to 64
  • Fixed bug where Save Dashboard Image was not being saved on PASSED test when running from script and script contains the EXIT command at the end.
  • Advanced Network Endpoint, updated to prevent loop running longer than necessary
  • Advanced Network Endpoint, Increased wait to 20 seconds for EPs to respond to prevent 'connection reset by peer errors' for 7+ connections
  • 3D Graphics DirectX 12, Increased scene complexity with Duty Cycle > 50%
  • Video Playback Test, Changed to increment operation count on successful first video load
  • GPGPU, If GPGPU test is selected to run, but no GPUs were tested (i.e. All GPUs matches skip list), BurnInTest will not raise the No operations during test period for the GPGPU test.
  • GPGPU, Verification will attempt to map the GPU buffer to read directly, else if mapping fails, code will fall back by copying the GPU buffer to memory instead.
  • Fixed bug where preset configs' description and icon are not shown in GUI for saved configuration file from older versions.

Release 10.2 build 1006, 18/April/2023

  • Added option to disable selection of individual CPU Cores as temperature sources when using Auto Select Temperature Sources at Start of Testing.
  • New parameter option to existing script command SETTEMP AUTO, e.g. SETTEMP AUTO YESNOCORES, will turn on automatic BurnInTest temperature monitoring at the start of testing, but will not auto select individual CPU Cores.
  • Converted existing GPGPU test from DirectCompute (HLSL) to OpenCL to support both Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) GPUs, e.g. GeForce/Radeon and also Compute GPUs (TCC), e.g. Nvidia Telsa GPUs. There are two code paths. BurnInTest will first check if OpenCL is supported by the system, if not, BurnInTest will fall back to the DirectCompute code path. Support is determined if BIT can load OpenCL.dll. BurnInTest will not mix-and-match GPGPU tests, e.g. if there are two videocards but even if only one supports OpenCL, then both will try to use OpenCL even if the second card does not support it.
  • Updated system information library for support for Mellanox network adapters eg Connectx3 Pro MCX314A-BCCT
  • Updated system information library to return Nvidia Tensor GPUs (TCC) in Video Card query.

Release 10.2 build 1005, 22/March/2023

  • 2D test - Local Video Memory, Compute GPUs Adapters without display (e.g. Nvidia Telsa GPU) should now be found/tested
  • Temperature, increased auto select temperature sources from 6 to 64
  • Fixed freeze bug when loading/running different configs sequentially
  • Allow enabling/disabling of Temperature test through scripting
  • System Info, support retrieving CPU info for Intel Alder Lake Mobile & Ryzen 7000
  • System Info, support retrieving temperatures for Intel GPUs (e.g. Intel Arc) & Ryzen 7000 iGPUs

Release 10.2 build 1004, 17/November/2022

  • Fixed Directio driver failing to load on some systems (caused by 22H2 updates) which would prevent temperatures from being collected and could display Windows "Program Compatibility" driver cannot load errors
  • Report information, 'MachineType' and 'SerialNumber', now sent to Management Console
  • Updated system information library to support retrieving CPU info for Intel Raptor Lake, Tremont and Sapphire Rapids chipsets
  • Fixed retrieving cache info for Intel hybrid architectures

Version 10.2 build 1003, 21/September/2022

  • Removed dependency on VCRUNTIME140.DLL
  • Management console, made a change where if user is autorunning and has management console enabled, delay autorun until BIT is connected to the console
  • Management console, updated management console cloud link

Version 10.2 build 1002, 12/September/2022

  • Updated Directio64.sys with another newly Microsoft signed version to fix issues with Windows 11 22H2
  • Disk test, fixed missing pattern name when a disk error was logged
  • Network test, excluded received and outbound errors (low level) from the overall error total
  • Fixed a case where -P command line parameter wasn't being prioritised and could still look for files in default locations
  • Management console, changed behaviour to not close preferences window if API key incorrect
  • Management console, changed connection error to mention checking internet connection is active
  • Management console, added a link in preferences window to get a API key
  • Management console, increased number of system information lines sent to a max of 50
  • Management console, added icon/button to dashboard to display connection status and clicking on it will display preferences > Management tab
  • Logging, stopped logging temperature sensors that weren't selected (instead of logging them as N/A)
  • Logging, added which temperature sensors are selected for trace log output
  • Logging, added monitor information to customer certificate
  • Logging, fixed Physical Disk Read Test on the HTML Report not reporting Avg Read Speed MB/s

Version 10.2 build 1001, 7/July/2022

  • Fixed a "GPGPU unable to access graphics resource" occurring in the GPGPU test once a cycle

Version 10.2 build 1000, 5/July/2022

  • Added support for API keys to connect to a cloud version of Management Console
  • Scripting, updated SET2DGRAPHICS command to allow setting of per monitor test options
  • 2D RAM & GPGPU test, made some changes so that the number of tests started is the lower count of available GPUs between BurnInTest's system information collection and the windows API call EnumAdapters. This should stop some issues seen with docking stations that do not respond correctly to EnumAdapters causing the GPU count to be too high, so more tests than needed are run and errors are seen
  • GPGPU test, added improved recovery attempt when an error occurs during the GPGPU tests
  • 2D Video memory test, reduced amount of memory being allocated for testing when running the 3D test at the same time
  • 3D DX12 test, added new error message if resource files failed to load (but do exist on disk), eg in a low resource situation
  • Fixed a case where when running from USB the LastUsedSettings.cfg was not loaded from the USB drive correctly and could instead use a locally installed copy or default values
  • When not running tests, status messages sent to management console is reduced to once per minute, will increase when tests are being run
  • Updated preferences to allow for adjusting how often status messages are sent to management console while tests are running
  • Advanced network test, fixed tile numbering (x of x) while test is running and issue where all 20 result tiles were displayed instead of how many NICs were neing tested
  • Advanced network test, moved the result tile title slightly to the left to match with progress tile title positioning
  • Advanced Network Test, fixed last error description not displaying on tiles
  • Advanced Network Test, Fixed display issue where cycles, operations and errors were not displaying on tiles
  • Fixed serial port identification in WinPE for a specific add on card that was identifying them using hex A/B/C instead of numbers
  • Parallel ports, fixed an instance where the parallel test would not start correctly first time if the test wasn't already selected when BurnIntest was launched
  • Added a workaround for Windows 11 22H2 update that was blocking a driver load and preventing BurnInTest from gathering as much system information and seeing CPU temperatures

Version 10.1 build 1004, 8/March/2022

  • Webcam test, can now be run as a pre-test or a main test. When run in main test mode the close / ok buttons will be disabled
  • Preferences, added new tab for webcam options
  • Scripting, added new webcam options command (SETWEBCAM)
  • Fixed a bug preventing configuration files from being saved correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the disk test auto select not selecting >100 disks correctly
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a log file reached its max line count and created a new file

Version 10.1 build 1003, 15/February/2022

  • Test preferences, logging, added a "Show error details on certificate" option to allow for any error details to be turned off and just show "FAIL"
  • Test preferences, disk, fixed an issue where auto select options were not being set properly and could leave the disk size as 0%
  • Disk test, fixed several issues where >100 disks would not be displayed in the user interface correctly
  • Temperature progress tile, fixed Min/Max temperatures incorrectly displaying the current temperature
  • Fixed an old to new config conversion issue when the "All available" video memory test option was selected
  • Fixed a possible crash when converting old configs
  • Made some changes to fix an issue where BurnInTest fails to connect to the management console but then continually sends connection messages each status update

Version 10.1 build 1002, 13/January/2022

  • Added Threads per CPU, P-Core and E-Core count to System Information tab
  • Fixed incorrect "Endpoint Version not current" warning message in trace log
  • Fixed missing "Threads per CPU" text in Text/HTML CPU system information output

Version 10.1 build 1001, 7/January/2022

  • Fixed a config file conversion issue from V10.0 to 10.1 that could result in some settings being incorrect

Version 10.1 build 1000, 3/January/2022

  • Added support for 12th gen Intel CPUs that use P (performance) and E (efficiency) cores, test threads for CPU test will be based on total available threads
  • Add support for retrieving temperatures from Intel Ice Lake SP (3rd gen Xeon)
  • Added support for retrieving DDR5 information
  • Slightly changed RAM test memory allocation calculation to leave more free memory when running 2D and 3D tests
  • Disk test, added support for up to 200 disk tests
  • Preferences, fixed an issue when saving a log file without a fully resolved path (a filename with no path)
  • Fixed USB version not loading settings file correctly at startup
  • Added a check and specific error message if OpenCL.dll is not found on the system when trying to run the 2D - Local video memory test
  • 2D Preferences, fixed window size drop down not being set correctly on initial window load
  • Video Preferences, fixed Number of windows drop down not being set correctly on initial window load
  • Fixed graphic flashing/redrawing issue on management console settings page caused by a no longer used icon being drawn

Version 10.0 build 1005, 10/November/2021

  • Fixed a "No operations" error that could occur when running the Keyboard or Monitor tests
  • Fixed a "Invalid key.dat" error that could occur after installing BurnInTest to USB
  • Added an option to enable/disable the save as report auto open feature, saved in BurnInTest program settings file
  • Added -MO command line flag so BurnInTest won't check for a success response when connecting to the management console, this will allow the connection for old versions les than 1.1
  • Fixed -LV command line parameter not being case insensitive
  • Fixed -LV command line parameter causing the Pre-Configured Tests tab to be blank
  • Made some changes so ADR, MGT and W SMBIOS/SPD/CPU command line flags should no longer be case sensitive
  • Made a change to the system information library to try and avoid collecting smart information from some misbehaving card readers
  • Updated KeyboardTest to 4.0.1001
  • Logging, customer certificate, fixed incorrect output in the certificate if the "Include speeds" loggings option was not selected
  • Scripting, fixed a bug where if a test was manually stopped and the configuration was launching an executable at the end of testing it wasn't reporting "manually stopped" as part of the $RESULT command line argument to the external executable

Version 10.0 build 1004, 19/October/2021

  • Fixed an issue when running using a key.dat file to register BurnInTest, BurnInTest thought it was running in USB mode when it detected a key.dat and some of the file paths used (eg for pre-configured configs) could be incorrect. There is a now an additional check for running in USB mode
  • Changed test selection and duty cycle dialog to show config time and cycles (if less than 15mins) when running in the trial version
  • Added max run times (instead of 0 - run forever) to some of the pre-configured tests that were missing them so they work in the trial version
  • Management Console, started tracking if connection was successful to prevent extra status messages being sent when connection failed for some reason
  • Updated system information library to correct some incorrect CPU cache values being returned

Version 10.0 build 1003, 7/October/2021

  • Updated MonitorTest to run as a registered "BurnInTest Plugin" user, will no longer launch in trial mode
  • Updated KeyboardTest to run as a registered "BurnInTest Plugin" user, will no longer launch in trial mode
  • Changed MonitorTest plugin test to display master screen before the touch screen tests
  • After saving a result log from file menu it will now automatically open in the default viewer
  • Fixed Monitor/Keyboard tests missing from results list view and Text/HTML reports
  • Fixed battery window not displaying a main title, icon or runtime errors correctly when there were no batteries available
  • Added webcam, battery, USB devices, RAM information to the system information section of the HTML test certificate
  • Changed how optional Disk/USB speeds are reported in the HTML log & certificate, added them as part of the test name instead of in the result summary section
  • Increased table sizes in HTML style logs to 800 wide
  • USB test, made some changes so cycle lengths are more consistent when cycling USB3 test speeds

Version 10.0 build 1002, 21/September/2021

  • Fixed test stop time being reset to 17 minutes in some cases
  • 2D GPU RAM test, changed compile settings to avoid a VCTUNTIME140.DLL error
  • Previous version config conversions, fixed an issue when converting config files from V8 to V9, bluetooth settings were not being copied correctly
  • Previous version config conversions, attempt to convert old 2D lines and bitmaps settings for the 2D test. Other settings (EMC patterns) need to be re-chosen due to the extent of changes to the new per monitor 2D test
  • Report Information, fixed "Include test duty cycles" state not being saved and restored correctly when using "Save as defaults"

Version 10.0 build 1001, 15/September/2021

  • Battery test, fixed battery pre test not checking battery details correctly and throwing an error
  • USB test, fixed a bug where the first USB3 test thread could stop the configuration of other USB3 plugs
  • Fixed a localisation bug on progress tiles ("Low level errors" instead of "Runtime errors")

Version 10.0 build 1000, 10/September/2021

  • New Inventory Comparison Test
    • Compares the current system information to a master list and an error is logged if there any difference
    • Comparison can be done at start or end of testing
    • The master list is stored as an XML file and can be created from the Inventory tab of the test preferences
  • New Shared Memory API
    • Added a shared memory block for API style access to BurnInTest information, test status and temperatures
    • The definitions for the shared memory structure and a demo are included in the installer
  • New 2D GPU RAM test
    • Replaces the Local/All available video memory test. It uses OpenCL and will allocate a large amount of the available video RAM and test it similar to the system RAM test
    • The old test used the deprecated DirectDraw library which could not access greater than 4GB of video memory
  • New Pref-Configured Tests Tab
    • Added new tab to main user interface so configs can be loaded and run directly from this list. This will display config files that are saved in Documents\PassMark\BurnInTest\Configs
    • Configs can now have a description and icon assigned to them which will be displayed on this tab
    • Config order can be sorted by editing the cfg_order.txt file in Documents\PassMark\BurnInTest\Configs
  • New Battery Tab
    • Added a new tab to the main user interface to display a graph of the battery charge levels during testing
    • Added discharge comparison rate selection
    • When "main test" option is selected for battery test charge levels will be logged during testing in addition to previous behaviour of comparing charge level
  • New KeyboardTest Integration
    • Better integration of KeyboardTest, no longer have to specify a path command line flags to launch as a plugin
    • Now has an individual option to enable/disable KeyboardTest in test selections and duty cycle dialog and on dashboard tab
    • KeyboardTest files are now included in the BurnInTest installer
  • New MonitorTest Integration
    • Better integration of MonitorTest no longer have to specify a path command line flags to launch as a plugin
    • Now has an individual option to enable/disable MonitorTest in test selections and duty cycle dialog and on dashboard tab
    • MonitorTest files are now included in the BurnInTest installer
  • New Localisation Options
    • Added Korean and Chinese translations
    • Language selection is via the new settings dialog under the "Edit" main menu item
  • New Settings dialog
    • Added options for language selection and default tab at startup
  • Dashboard
    • Added a dashboard tile for temperature with sensor names and current, min max temps
    • Removed duty cycle slider from test tiles that don't have a duty cycle
    • Added a "Runtime Error" count to each progress tile for quick referencing of test status
    • Added left and right icons for scrolling through available test information
    • Changed maximise/minimise icon
  • 2D Test
    • Increased number of monitors supported from 4 to 8
    • Changed 2D monitor tests (scrolling H, reference and colour bar patterns) to be selected on a per monitor basis and added better support monitors in different configurations
    • 2D Test preferences, available monitors will be listed in the list box and a different test pattern can be selected for each one. Note that this order is not the same order as displayed by Windows by using "identify monitors" and the order can change if monitors are added, removed or powered off/on
  • CPU Test
    • Progress tile, only display decimal place when value is less than 100
  • Disk Test
    • Added average read/write speeds to display
    • Disk wiping, added option to disk test preferences to format physical drive at end of test (only when running a physical disk test)
    • At the end of testing a disk wipe dialog will be displayed with a 20 second countdown to allow it to be cancelled
  • GPGPU Test
    • Added a preference tab and option to avoid running the test on cards based on a name filter
  • USB Test
    • Progress tile, changed some text offsets so the error count was displayed on the tile
    • Added "Cycle" option to speed selection to cycle between speeds (from Super Speed -> High Speed -> Full Speed)
  • Logging
    • Added average disk read/write speeds to logging
    • Added USB benchmark read, write and loopback speed to logging
    • Added option to remove system information from log
  • Management console
    • Added session & result IDs to log and status message on successful connection (will require an update of management console)
    • Added checks for errors on status/result message updates from management console
  • Scripting
    • Started to remember last used script name and script path after opening a script next time "Run script" is selected
    • Added scripting options for inventory, GPGPU, monitor, keyboard tests and other new config options
  • Tape test
    • Removed tape drive test, no longer supported
  • Test Preferences
    • New Config section, added options for setting a description and icon for the config (displayed on the Pre-Configured Tests tab)
    • Battery, made some changes to battery settings to make it clearer and updated help with more information
    • Logging, added options to save an image of the dashboard (will full screen and select the dashboard tab) at the end of the test
    • Logging, added option to enable or disable logging of USB and disk speeds
    • Logging, added option to remove system information from log
    • Serial, removed 110 baud option. If a baud rate below 1200 is selected then the timeout value will be automatically increased to 10 seconds.
    • Post test options, made some changes to "Always display result info" so that it will change the current displayed tab to the results dashboard. If being used in conjunction with "launch an external application and exit" then a message box will be displayed to allow the results dashboard to be seen (this brings it back into how it functions prior to V9 when there was an actual results window displayed at the end of testing).
  • Test Selection and Duty Cycles
    • Added button and icons to test selection and duty cycle window to allow opening of test preferences at specific test page
    • Added list of pre-configured tests on left side of dialog
    • Added config description and icon to dialog
    • Added temperature checkbox for consistency aid enabling/disabling the test
  • Misc
    • DDR5 support when retrieving system information
    • Support for Intel Elkhart Lake when retrieving system information
    • Added a way of customising the background image for the main BurnInTest user interface
    • Added a "Don't show again" option to pre test warning, this will toggle the "Action before running tests" option for the current config to "None" if checked.
    • Removed some dynamic loading of functions from kernel32.dll that have been around since XP SP2/Win7, now directly calling those functions (eg GetDiskFreeSpaceEx)
    • Replaced Quick Test Menu items with Pre-Configured Tests
    • Added CPU/GPU/HDD to sensor names on temperature tab
    • Hid Remove/Configure columns in results list view when test was running / displaying results
    • Fixed some errors not being displayed by category

Version 9.2 build 1009, 2/August/2021

  • Serial Preferences, when a slow baud speed (<2400) is selected or one of the cycle options then the timeout will be set to the max value
  • Serial Test, added a new error message if the serial port test was run without any serial ports selected to test in the configuration
  • System information updated to recognise Windows 11

Version 9.2 build 1008, 2/July/2021

  • TPM Test, made some changes to the self test for V2 TPMs which would previously fail and display "self test command blocked"
  • Fixed an issue stopping system information from being written to the test log correctly when running BurnInTest with the auto run flag -r
  • Fixed an issue reading temperatures from AMD CPUs with multiple CPU groups (eg Ryzen 3990x)

Version 9.2 build 1007, 4/June/2021

  • Fixed an issue with the parallel port test not being able to get the port address and left unable to start the test in some cases
  • Fixed an issue reading AMD 4600/4800 CPU temps
  • Fixed an issue preventing AMD GPU temperatures from being read if ADL_Graphics_Platform_Get failed to be loaded from the ADL library

Version 9.2 build 1006, 13/May/2021

  • RAM Test, made some changes to avoid a verification error being logged when the system was low on memory, in some cases a write phase was aborted due to the low memory but the verification phase would continue instead of being skipped which would lead to a verification error for some patterns. This would only occur on systems that had nearly no free RAM before the start of the RAM test. So typically only on systems with <4GB of RAM installed and only when background tasks, other than the RAM test, were already using a lot of the available RAM.
  • RAM Test, made some changes when allocating/deallocating memory for the test in low memory situations, fixing a potential bug that could cause verification errors when small amounts of RAM (<100 MB) were being allocated/deallocated rapidly by the test when the system was low on memory. There isn't much point running the RAM test when you only have less than 100MB of free RAM, but if you do the error case is now handled better.
  • RAM Test, made some changes so multiple copies of BurnInTest running the RAM test will have separate shared memory blocks, still not recommended to run multiple copies of BurnInTest at the same time however.
  • 3D Test, DX12, added a check before the DX12 executable is launched if the system is going to Suspend/Hibernate and wait until system is resumed, this should prevent an error being thrown if the test stats at the same time as the system is going to sleep (seen when rapidly sleeping/resuming system in a loop)

Version 9.2 build 1005, 3/May/2021

  • Audio loopback test, now supports PassMark Loopback Audio Plug
  • Audio loopback test, fixed an issue with the audio loopback test where if the test run time selected was 0 (run forever) then then sound playback time was too low (~1 second) instead of the expected 20 seconds.
  • RAM test, fixed a bug where the RAM test may only allocate 200MB of RAM for testing when run at 50% or lower duty cycle
  • Fixed monitor numbers in log files starting at 0 to now start at 1
  • Added GPU name used for each DX12 test to log

Version 9.2 build 1004, 26/April/2021

  • Added initial support for reading temperatures from Intel 11th gen CPUs
  • RAM Test, updated a trace log message when low memory is <50MB to be more clear about what is being logged
  • Added a new information log message when memory is very low when trying to run the RAM test
  • Disk test, fixed an issue where disks numbers being tested >80 might not show up in the log correctly
  • Fixed an issue where disks weren't automatically selected when run in conjunction with minimising system info collection command line flag (-w) and the auto select disks preference setting
  • Fixed a UI issue where if the RAM test logged an error it might not be displayed on the dashboard until the test finished
  • Fixed an issue when reading temperatures from some NVMe disks
  • Fixed an issue when reading temperatures from AMD CPUs

Version 9.2 build 1003, 26/March/2021

  • Fixed a crash that could occur at startup when using the -R command line flag
  • Disk test, forced destruction of any partition information and get system to update partition information when running a physical disk test, this prevent an access denied error when trying to test some physical drives that had partition information but the volumes weren't mounted
  • Temperature graph, redrawn at end of test to display all samples
  • Changed system information tab to show battery current charge, design and full charge capacity
  • Made some changes to the installer so BurnInTest won't launch after a silent install
  • USB Test, fixed an issue with the scripting command 'USB3CONNECTION' which was not setting the chosen speed correctly for 12 or 5000
  • USB Test, fixed a bug where USB threads were forced to stop if any plug was failing to be enumerated
  • USB Test, fixed a case where a USB error may not be thrown at test start under some circumstances where the plug was being forced into a particular test speed (eg USB3 plug on a connection with USB2 lines disconnected).

Version 9.2 build 1002, 22/January/2021

  • Advanced network test, endpoint, fixed some possible crashes when memory failed to allocate
  • Advanced network test, fixed a bug where a "connection reset by peer error" could occur when trying to test 4 or more network cards
  • Added NOTEMP command line flag to disable temperature collection
  • Fixed an inconsistency between BurnInTest and the DirectIo driver that was causing the parallel port test to fail
  • Decreased a timeout value when collecting SMART disk information that could cause the temperature initialising and collection to free or time out when some USB drives were attached to the system under test.
  • Fixed a possible crash when gathering SMART information from hard drives

Version 9.2 build 1001, 1/December/2020

  • Fixed a bug where USB3 low level errors would display an error message for the DX12 test rather than a information line for USB3 low level errors
  • Added a minimum size to the BurnInTest window so all UI elements can be accessed
  • Updated system information library with initial support for AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPU info and temperatures, support for CPU groups when retrieving per-core temperatures for Intel chipsets
  • Fixed "Display errors by categories" checkbox being hidden on high DPI settings

Version 9.2 build 1000, 11/November/2020

  • Rebranded "BurnInTest Pro" to "BurnInTest Windows"
  • "BurninTest Standard" has now been discontinued
  • Management console, added an error when there was a server side error or response other than HTTP status 200 (eg 500)
  • Endpoint, fixed a bug where the last digit of an IPV4 address from BurnInTest could be truncated in some cases resulting in a failure to start the test
  • Added currently selected configuration filename to main window

Version 9.1 build 1008, 22/June/2020

  • Scripting - Added ID flag to SETMANAGEMENT command
  • Add missing model when detecting Intel Comet Lake chipsets for CPU information and temperatures
  • Added Intel Ice Lake chipset support for CPU information and temperatures
  • Fixed AMD Ryzen temperatures being displayed too low

Version 9.1 build 1007, 10/June/2020

  • RAM test, fixed an instance where the RAM test process might crash if it had allocated a very small amount of RAM initially (<100MB) and then tried to allocate more
  • Management console, fixed a bug where BurnInTest might not send a test finished time in test result
  • Fixed some display issues on the dashboard for the standard and advanced network tests
  • Disabled time and cycle count editing in dashboard user interface and added message for trial version (was always set to 15 minutes for trial version but dashboard UI was not reflecting this)
  • Fixed a recent temperature collection change that was causing some AMD CPU temps to be displayed incorrectly
  • Added support for Intel Comet Lake chipset temperatures
  • Added Qemu/KVM to list of known Linux VMs so that CPU MSR information is not processed (to prevent BSOD in VM)
  • Replaced Testsound.wav and Testsound.mp3 example files used for sound test with cleaner sounding examples

Version 9.1 build 1006, 25/May/2020

  • Added -MF command line flag to load machineid.dat file from a specified location
  • RAM Test, fixed a bug that would prevent the RAM test from testing <100 MB of RAM, on systems with low amounts of available RAM at test start this would show the cycle count increasing but no operations being performed.
  • PCIe Test, fixed a bug that would cause a "no operations" error when running more than 1 PCIe test at a time and keeping the test view on the list view (instead of tile view)
  • GPGPU Test, Added card number (as seen by BurnInTest) to GPGGPU error and trace activity output to better help identify GPU when multiple of the same type/name are in use
  • Customer certificate, stopped outputting an empty temperature graph if temperature monitoring was disabled
  • Trace Logging, reduced the amount of memory information logged during the disk test
  • Trace Logging, made the logged memory information more readable

Version 9.1 build 1005, 17/April/2020

  • Advanced network test, made some changes to send multicast instead of broadcast messages to find endpoints
  • Advanced network test, made some changes to send all broadcast and control messages via IPv6 when testing an IPv6 interface
  • Advanced network test, added the outbound and recieved errors to the advanced network test window
  • Advanced network test, Endpoint software, added two new threads to listen and respond to IPv6 broadcast and control messages
  • Added -LV command line flag to have dashboard display the list view rather than the tile view on startup
  • Added max cycle count to disk test scripting options (MAXCYCLES flag)
  • Reduced some of the trace logging of memory use when running the disk test
  • Updated some temperature readings for new AMD CPUs

Version 9.1 build 1004, 27/March/2020

  • Sound test, Loopback test, fixed a possible crash that could occur if there was no input device available
  • Management console, fixed an issue where a connect message wasn't correctly sent when a large amount of system information was present (eg 10+ disks etc)
  • Fixed a bug where some event source strings were not printed correctly (only a single character) to the trace log
  • Fixed the display of hard disk information only showing minimal information (no serial etc) in WindowsPE
  • Updated system information library with some AMD Ryzen temperature fixes (4600H, 4800H)

Version 9.1 build 1003, 27/February/2020

  • Scripting, fixed an issue where script would continue running next script line when STOP button was clicked
  • Disk test, fixed an instance where disk test files were not being kept on disk when used in conjunction with the -K command line parameter
  • Slightly increased test tile size to allow for extra USB information being displayed
  • Install to USB, now includes machineid.dat if file exists
  • USB test, added the "Check bus error" option to the preferences window to allow user to enable/disable logging of the low level errors. "Low level errors" information field added to USB test display

Version 9.1 build 1002, 14/February/2020

  • Memory Test, fixed a crash / timeout error that could occur in low memory situations
  • Added some extra logging to trace file with command line string
  • Added some extra error information when Print action fails

Version 9.1 build 1001, 8/January/2020

  • Fixed missing digital signatures on some executables (plugins, memtest, DX12 test) which could prevent the executables being launched by BurnInTest or show an unknown error during the memory test.

Version 9.1 build 1000, 24/December/2019

  • Memory Test, made some changes to how the memory is allocated at the start of the test and reallocated during the test. Previously memory was allocated in one large allocation (per memory test process), however on systems with large amount of RAM (eg 4TB) the test would time out when test RAM was reallocated. Now the test processes will allocate/deallocate RAM in 100MB blocks.
  • Memory Test, added a small sleep if a memory allocation fails before looping to try allocate again
  • CPU Test, started reserving threads if memory test is running (1 thread for 8 or less cores*thread systems, 2 threads for > 8)
  • Scripting, fixed some issues where the next line of a script might not be executed when a test was automatically stopped when using the SETERRORS ACTION STOP command
  • 3D Test, fixed a bug where last 3D DX12 error string was not being displayed in dashboard list view

Version 9.0 build 1018, 25/November/2019

  • Management console, started sending more memory information to management console on initial connection so RAM details table can be populated from BurnInTest connections
  • Plugins, fixed an issue where the test run wouldn't automatically stop when running just plugins (no main tests included) and the plugins had finished
  • Plugins, fixed an issue where the next plugin wouldn't start when running plugins during the main tests (not pre-test plugins) and the option "run each separately" was selected
  • 2D EMC testing, added new option to swap pattern displayed on primary monitor
  • 2D EMC testing, added an option to disable the sine wave tone that is played during the test
  • 2D EMC testing, fixed an issue when the primary monitor was not the left most (#0) monitor that would cause the test to display on the wrong monitor and in incorrect sizes
  • Fixed an issue where DirectIO.sys could be held open if BurnInTest was started a second time on the same system if temperature monitoring was enabled. This could then cause system information to not be collected correctly (eg missing memory details) on the second BurnInTest launch (if system was not restarted between launches)

Version 9.0 build 1017, 3/October/2019

  • Disk test, added some extra checks that block size is not invalid when starting the test
  • 3D Test, changed default test size to 800x600
  • 3D Test, DX12 test, made some changes so test window can be moved to a different screen location
  • Management console, made some changes so that clearing the Machine ID in the report information dialog will close the current management console connection and allow the config (or the default values in machineid.dat) to be saved with a blank Machine ID. This will then be newly generated next time BurnInTest is opened using that config and the connection to the management console is made.
  • Memory test, made some changes so the test isn't waiting longer than it needs to when running in conjunction with USB2 plugs or the USB test has errors before connecting to a plug (the memory test will wait for up to 1 minute before starting to allow USB plugs to connect and the USB3 benchmark test to run)
  • CPU Test, added option to allow number of CPU test threads to be chosen
  • Added a warning message when running the 3D DX12 test in conjunction with the GPGPU and CPU test at high duty cycles
  • Logging, added duty cycle for the selected tests to the normal log output
  • Fixed a crash on start up that could occur on Intel Baytrail systems due to an invalid MSR read

Version 9.0 build 1016, 18/June/2019

  • System information library changes, fixed error when sending NVMe command "Get log page" which was preventing temperature reads of some NVMe hard drives.
  • Fixed a bug in the scripting SETSERIALPORTS SPEED command where CYCLE_115K was setting the speed to CYCLE_256K

Version 9.0 build 1015, 17/May/2019

  • Made a change to the 3D DX12 test to remove a timer watching for completion of the test, this timer could cause an error to occur if the system was put to sleep and then resumed. Now the background watchdog timer (that checks the operations count of a test continues to increase) will be used to detect if there is an issue running the 3D test.
  • Fixed a buffer overflow issue that could cause a crash in the cpu max heat test
  • Changed behaviour of memory test when it generates an "unknown error"

Version 9.0 build 1014, 20/March/2019

  • Made a change to the 3D DX12 test to fix a "3D test interrupted" error message on some systems (mostly with Intel UHD 620/630 cards) where the test was not closing correctly after it had finished
  • Added some more 3D test DX12 specific error messages

Version 9.0 build 1013, 25/February/2019

  • Added some test information to the display of the 3D test progress tile on the dashboard
  • Network test, added extra output to trace level 1 log each cycle (500 packets) for standard network test (packets sent / recv, bytes sent, max / avg delay, total bad packets)
  • Fixed a bug where a new test could be added using the "Test Selection and & Duty Cycles" menu item when the test results were being displayed, leading to a new test tile with no result (which could appear as a blank space on the tile view).
  • Added a warning message and option to clear results when attempting to use the "Test Selection and & Duty Cycles" menu item when in a "Results" test state
  • Made a change to detect USB drives better when auto selecting disk test options
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the 32bit build when trying to use the duty cycle slider for a test on the dashboard tab
  • Management console, now when technician or customer is changed in the report details any current connection to the management console will be restarted so the changes are sent to the management console
  • Fixed a bug in the DirectX12 3D test that could cause a "Test was interrupted" error message when BurnInTest attempts to resize/move the test window after initial creation
  • Fixed temperature display for Ryzen 2700 PRO
  • Fixed a bug in the 3D DX12 test where the duty cycle was not being applied correctly causing the test to run at full speed

Version 9.0 build 1012, 18/December/2018

  • Added outputting of PCIe statistics to trace activity level 1 log once per cycle
  • Fixed a bug where saved report defaults (technician, customer, serial etc) could be cleared when the current results were cleared
  • Made a change to the CPU heat test so that the SSE2 heat test checks for AVX CPU support as well as some AVX instructions being used (which caused a crash on old CPUs like the Core 2 Quad 6600)
  • Fixed an issue with the TPM test where V2 TPMs might not be found correctly and throw a "self test failed" error
  • Added a new error to the TPM test if the self test command is blocked by the operating system
  • Fixed an issue in the DX12 3D test where if an error occurred during the render process it previously might not be displayed until the 3D cycle finished. Now an error will be flagged when the error occurs and the test will stop running.
  • Changed behaviour of scrolling letter 2D test so it will continue to run when not in the foreground
  • Added technician and customer details to management console connection message
  • Changed editing of report details so when technician or customer is changed any current connection to the management console will be restarted (starting a new management console session)
  • Increased size limit of system information details fields sent to management console
  • Increased number of system information items sent to the management console from 16 to 25
  • Fixed some possible array overflows that could cause a crash when generating the management console connection message
  • Started signing installer with SHA256

Version 9.0 build 1011, 24/August/2018

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using a config file from version 8
  • Updated system information library to work around a crash caused by Windows 10 Enterprise device guard on some AMD systems

Version 9.0 build 1010, 9/August/2018

  • Fixed a bug in the 2D colour bar test that was preventing the main BurnInTest windows from handling messages (eg when clicking the stop button) which made it impossible to stop the test.
  • Removed the verified operations count for the GPGPU as it was unused, added an error count to the dashboard tile
  • Fixed a bug preventing bitaccess.txt from correctly working with the test selections, times and cycles on the dashboard display
  • Fixed a bug preventing bitaccess.txt working with the TPM test
  • Made some changes so invalid filename characters are stripped from the log file prefix name when using system variables replacements

Version 9.0 build 1009, 20/July/2018

  • Fixed a bug where if a machine ID was specified on the command line using -MGT and there was no previous one already generated (or machineid.dat file present) then it was ignored and a new one generated on connection to the management console
  • Fixed some uninitialized variables when sending data to the management console
  • Started encoding XML invalid characters when sending system information to the management console
  • Made some changes to prevent invalid characters being used in the management console machine ID

Version 9.0 build 1008, 3/July/2018

  • Fixed an issue when reading the configuration file that could cause the "Machine type" and "Serial number" to display invalid characters in system information

Version 9.0 build 1007, 29/June/2018

  • Made some changes to the advanced network test in order to run a bit slower and allow smaller target speeds on low speed network cards
  • Fixed some display issues with the advanced network test dashboard tile view
  • Updated system information library to fix some issues when reading Intel SSD temperatures
  • Added some extra TPM error messages
  • Fixed an issue with the PHYSDISK command line parameter and the auto select disks setting when running in WinPE not correctly selecting all the physical disks
  • Fixed a bug where if just a pre test was selected (eg the TPM test) then it was possible for the test run to not stop correctly after the pre test was finished
  • Fixed a minor bug in calculation of the Cycle in the USB3 test
  • Changed the packet count per cycle of the USB3 test to 115,000 to bring the cycle count more into line with the USB2 cycle count

Version 9.0 build 1006, 31/May/2018

  • Changed behaviour so when using a script from the command line the management console connection is delayed until a config (with the management console enabled) is loaded or the SETMANAGEMENT script option is used
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when turning on the management console option using a script
  • Removed IP information for network cards from test certificate
  • Install to USB, added window message updates when copying big files to prevent "Window not responding"
  • Install to USB, added LasUsed.bitcfg file to USB drive during copy process
  • Fixed a 32bit overflow when logging the offset location of an error in the Optical test that could cause negative values to be displayed for large files
  • Added an error message when the DX12 test executable is missing / fails to launch
  • Fixed the display of the number of USB tests running on the test progress tile (previously showing an incorrect number of tests running).
  • Temperature graphing, added checks and fixes for graphing more than the maximum # of temperature sources (32)
  • Fixed a bug where selecting "No Monitoring" for temperature monitoring in test preferences could lead to a crash

Version 9.0 build 1005, 10/May/2018

  • Added logging of DX12 error string when available
  • Changed time/duty cycle entry on dashboard so values are saved when losing focus, not just on enter keypress
  • Changed default network test settings to be error ratio of 0.1% instead of each single missing packet
  • Made the test preferences dialog a bit smaller
  • Added AVX/AVX2/FMA3/FMA4 settings to SETCPU script command
  • Fixed a bug in the CPU test where if just the AVX/AVX2/FMA3/FMA4 instructions were selected then the test would not perform any operations
  • Fixed a bug in the endpoint.exe (advanced network test) not updating the current ethernet statistics while a test was running
  • Fixed incorrect logging test name for TPM
  • Fixed a bug when removing advanced network test from tileview, would still be present in list view on dashboard
  • Fixed a bug when trying to remove the advanced network test using the remove link in list view on dashboard
  • Fixed a bug with the text not drawing correctly for the Advanced network test dashboard tile when a test was running

Version 9.0 build 1004, 28/March/2018

  • Fixed a bug with the DX12 test losing it's operations and cycle count after 15mins
  • Fixed a possible "No operations" error for the DX12 test
  • Fixed a bug with Advanced network, PCIE and serial port tests not updating operations count when dashboard tab was not displayed, which could cause a "No operations detected" error message.

Version 9.0 build 1003, 23/March/2018

  • Changes to the PCIe test for handling sleep states during testing
  • Fixed a bug that could cause tests to end before their set runtime

Version 9.0 build 1002, 20/March/2018

  • Fixed a bug with "Install to usb" function not copying the required DX12 3D test media files
  • Fixed a bug where if all tests had finished (eg in an error condition) before clicking stop button then BurnInTest could get stuck and not allow tests to be stopped properly

Version 9.0 build 1001, 16/March/2018

  • Fixed some incorrect test icons on the dashboard
  • Fixed a bug where times were not being sent correctly to the management console while a test was running
  • Increased max script line length to account for setting the maximum number of supported serial ports for SETSERIALPORTS command
  • Temperature, Fixed auto scroll checkbox not being applied when temperature settings are changed
  • Temperature, Fixed overlay text appearing outside graph area
  • Temperature, Fixed flickering of lines when auto scroll is disabled
  • Temperature, Fixed incorrect temperature time values in chart due to temperature history wrapping back to 0

Version 9.0 build 1000, 8/March/2018

  • New User Interface
    • New tile based user interface
    • Tests will now run on top of their tile button un user interface (instead of a separate window) where appropriate
    • Better scaling of user interface on 4K high DPI monitors
  • New TPM (trusted platform module) pre test
    • Checks for presence of TPM, runs self test and queries for version.
  • CPU Test
    • Added AVX, AVX2, FMA3 and FMA4 extensions
    • Added checkbox for AVX, AVX2, FMA3 and FMA4 to test preferences
    • Heat test, added new instructions to max heat test to maximize heat generation on CPUs that support FMA & AVX instruction sets
  • RAM Test
    • Improved the speed of the test by enabling memory caching. To replicate the V8 behaviour an option has been added to the test preferences to "Disable memory caching"
    • Test now waits for USB3 benchmark test phase to complete before starting due to the large amount of RAM required per USB3 plug during the initial benchmark phase of the USB3 test.
  • Bluetooth Test
    • Updated and improved Bluetooth test
    • NEW Bluetooth Advance Loopback Test to send/receive with the current Endpoint Software.
    • Added Loopback test for Serial Bluetooth Devices (Tested with HC-06, Power to VCC, Ground to Ground, RX looped to TX). Requires the device to be paired/authenticated prior to be used in BurnInTest
    • Bluetooth Loopback Test now supports up to 4 Remote Bluetooth devices.
    • Added separate Duty cycle and preferences controls for Bluetooth test
    • Added port range to Bluetooth test
  • 2D Test
    • Added new EMC test pattern "Color bars with moving element", to comply with CISPR 32 (ITU BT.1729) standards
    • Changed how example character is drawn on preferences window to better display large fonts (96, 120 etc)
    • Removed font size limit (previously 8-16) on scrolling letter 2D tests
    • Allowed different font sizes to be selected for the scrolling H test and adjusted the scroll speed to take into account monitor vertical resolution
    • Added 2K & 4K resolution options
  • 3D Test
    • Added new DX12 option on supported systems (64bit win 10)
    • Added 2K & 4K resolution options
  • USB3 Test
    • Added slow speed threshold setting and warning message to USB3 loopback test
    • Added a warning/error when USB3 plugs are not running at superspeed / 5Gb USB3 speed. This can be ignored by changing the BITErrorClassification.txt file
    • Added ability to select USB3 plug connection speed for USB test
    • Added memory allocation check when creating packet buffers for USB3 benchmark & loopback tests
    • Increased usb3 thread synchronization timeout from 1 minute to 2 minutes to avoid synchronization timeout when multiple usb3 plugs (more than 4 plugs) are connected.
    • Added a syncronization step before reading voltage from usb3 plugs
    • Fixed a bug where sending simultaneous usb3 vendor commands could lead to failure in running the commands
    • Added "Auto" option to the USB3 connection types
    • Improved thread synchronisation when a large number of test plugs are connected. Many USB host controller's device drivers start to fail under high load (Open, Send and Re-enumeration requests fail if system is under high load). This works around most of the host controller flaws.
  • Disk Test
    • Increased disk tests limit to 100 (from 80)
    • Added a "max cycle" option to the disk test
  • Network test
    • Added "Use 1st IP for all" network test option to preferences
    • Added a new option to only select network cards that are connected/have an IP
  • Video Test
    • Added option to mute audio when playing video
  • Serial Port test
    • Added separate options to disable RTS/CTS and DSR/DTR test phase
  • Help
    • Moved to a new help format (ewriter) so that help topics can be opened directly in Windows 10
  • Temperature Monitoring & Charts
    • Updated temperature graphs to be interactive and allow scrolling and zooming.
    • Temperature collection and graphing will start by default when BurnInTest is first launched so temperatures can be monitored without any tests running. On test start the graph will be reset and on test stop the temperature monitoring will be stopped to allow the graph from the test run to be saved.
    • Temperature tab now has a split list view of three lists, CPU, GPU and HDD
    • Changed series colours to be more visually friendly
    • Added checks for the maximum number of temperature sources to monitor
    • Fixed scrolling/dragging issues
    • Added zoom buttons
    • Added support for multiple GPU temperature readings
  • Customer certificate template
    • Added <!--TEMPERATUREGRAPH--> marker for inclusion of the temperature table chart
  • Scripting
    • Added more USB options to scripting
    • Added SETBLUETOOTH Scripting commands
  • Misc
    • Added support for reading and logging fan speed from SpeedFan utility
    • Fixed a bug when using the PHYSDISK command line parameter in WinPE where the physical specific disk patterns were not available in the select all drop down
    • Fixed some problems displaying the FMA3 support for CPUs in system information
    • Added way to disable stop button, disable time and cycle settings when using bitaccess.txt to prevent people changing the run time and stopping test early
    • Added option to include the duty cycle of each test in the Report Information window
    • Turned optical test off by default.
    • Removed GPGPU test from standard edition
  • Preferences
    • Increased the size of Preferences window
    • Changed temperature source/threshold combo boxes to editable list view with checkboxes
    • Combined Pre-Test/Post-Test tabs. Combined Serial Port/Parallel Port tabs
    • Added %MCMACHINEID% flag to logging file name preferences to allow management console ID to be used as part of the logging path
    • Made some changes to the memory test preferences window tab for better readability
  • Management console
    • Updated & rewrote central management console database to hold testing results.

Version 8.1 build 1025, 21/December/2017

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when launching from the command line and connecting to the management console (on test finish)
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect available memory values could be displayed on some 64bit systems

Version 8.1 build 1024, 11/August/2017

  • Changed PassMark web links from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Updated system information library with some changes;
    • Added temperature offsets for Ryzen ThreadRipper chipsets
    • Added support for obtaining CPU info for Skylake-X chipset
    • Fixed bug with measuring base/turbo speeds
    • Fixed a bug where temperature average was not calculated for systems with multiple CPUs

Version 8.1 build 1023, 20/July/2017

  • Fixed a logging bug where errors logged against physical disks with numbers > 9 would not show both digits in the log message
  • Fixed a possible crash in during close/cleanup when the management console was enabled
  • Fixed a problem with management console preferences not allowing https addresses to be entered
  • Fixed a display bug where the drive letter displayed in the HTML logs could not match the display
  • Fixed an issue when reading system information (SMBIOS information such as BIOS version) on UEFI only systems
  • Made some changes in the network test to fix an overflow that could coccur in the max delay timing calculation which could show a max delay higher than the current timeout value when no error occured.

Version 8.1 build 1022, 3/April/2017

  • Applied USB Timeout set in USB preferences to USB3 benchmark test
  • Fixed a missing default config file error message at startup
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during system information collection in 32bit
  • Fixed a bug causing a manual stop to be treated as automatic when running a script and using the toolbar stop button

Version 8.1 build 1021, 17/March/2017

  • Added syncronization to the USB3 test threads (plugs begin with benchmark read, when all plugs finished the benchmark read test, they will start benchmark write, and then loopback test)
  • USB3 test threads will wait for all plugs to enumerate and get ready before beginning loopback and benchmark tests
  • Increased USB3 plug reenumeration timeout from 5 to 10 seconds
  • Added "Ignore USB recoverable failures" to the USB configuration tab

Version 8.1 build 1020, 23/December/2016

  • Changed "Operating system" in the HTML customer certificate to "Test operating system" and will only print customer and technician fields if they are filled in
  • Enabled 8b/10b error reporting in USB3 test
  • Made some changes to better track when USB3 devices are connected or disconnected (eg forced disconnection by error) during testing
  • Fixed a possible 32bit overflow error when displaying the sent and received byte count for USB3 test operations
  • Fixed a USB3 issue when device is enumerated due to high number of link layer errors (more than 64 link layer errors per 100msec)
  • Fixed a bug in USB2 test where inbuffer/outbuffer was overwritten by IOCTL_EZUSB_GET_LAST_ERROR after read/write failure which caused some trace logging inconsistencies
  • Fixed a scripting bug where numbers with decimal points were not being parsed correctly (like disk test file size)

Version 8.1 build 1019, 25/October/2016

  • Now properly signalling a manual stop to the script so post test actions will be followed correctly, previously all stops during a script were treated as "Automatic"
  • Fixed a bug when USB3 plug fails benchmark mode in USB high-speed mode, this could cause an error if using the USB3 plugs on a USB2 port when the test switched from benchmark to loopback
  • Reduced the amount of time the 2D test will wait between tests when on a low duty cycles
  • Fixed a window redraw issue where the 2D lines and bitmaps test was not always updating correctly after the lines test on some systems
  • Fixed some display issues (wrong hard drive letter shown) sometimes when a test config was created from default or moved between system with different disk setups

Version 8.1 build 1018, 8/August/2016

  • Fixed a bug with detecting and starting serial port tests when running in WinPE on some systems
  • Changed the behaviour of the raw disk test when running in WinPE to be the same as running in a full version of Windows, now the RAW disk test will run on a disk that contains partitions unless there are windows files detected.
  • Fixed a possible long wait for system information sometimes when launching BurnInTest

Version 8.1 build 1017, 21/July/2016

  • Fixed a bug where the USB error count could be reset during a test cycle
  • Fixed a bug when scripting multiple reboots was not always processing each reboot correctly
  • Changed the "Butterfly test skipped" warning message to information level so it is logged but not counted as a warning
  • Changed the default sample period for temperature collection to 10 seconds (from 1 second). This can prevent crashes on some systems where frequent temperature polling can cause a device driver crash.

Version 8.1 build 1016, 20/June/2016

  • Added a benchmark test phase as part of the USB3 test to report maximum USB3 speed obtainable
  • Added USB3 low level error reporting to the trace level log
  • Support for USB3 V2.0 firmware. Which amoung other improvements brings higher USB throughput.
  • Added new error message to 2D test when EMC + test pattern test is selected and only 1 monitor is present
  • Added OBEX FTP transfer type to bluetooth test
  • Made some changes to disk test to skip butterfly test when running Cylic pattern and an SSD is detected
  • Fixed a bug where the advanced net test window was not updating the statistics when running the test on a teamed group of network cards. Sent/Recv is now displayed but load and load balancing is not available (missing performance counters).

Version 8.1 build 1015, 3/May/2016

  • Now filtering "Bluetooth" named network cards from "All available ethernet" and "All available 802.11" network test options
  • Now filtering "Microsoft Virtual" adapters from all network test options to ignore "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter" and "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter"
  • Removed whitespace padding in some HTML output
  • Fixed a bug with management console initial connect not sending all the system information sometimes
  • Updated system information library, fixes a bug that was preventing some NVMe hard drive temperatures from being read

Version 8.1 build 1014, 22/April/2016

  • PCIe test changed to be compatible with PCIe firmware version 2.0.1000.0. PCIe cards with older firmware version will need to use an older build of BurnInTest or have their firmware updated
  • Changed a GPGPU error to show an error code where available
  • Added unique error message when failing to play back MP3 file for sine wave tone in 2D reference test pattern
  • Fixed a crash in the 2D EMC - scrolling characters test when there were more than 4 monitors connected to a system (test still only supports 4 monitors)
  • Fixed a bug when using the plugin option "Ignore no operations" with pre-test plugins could see a "no operations" error still occur during the normal test phase (after the pre test plugins had finished)
  • Changed text box contents on pass/fail window to pass or fail to assist automated scripting programs getting the result
  • Filtered out Microsoft virtual adapters "Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter" and "Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter" from network test
  • Fixed a bug when the webcam test was used in a script that would prematurely end the main tests

Version 8.1 build 1013, 23/March/2016

  • Removed some unnecessary 2D trace level 2 information from the log
  • Stopped an incorrect error being logged for the midi sound test in some cases that was occurring after the tests have been stopped
  • Fixed a bug in the raw disk read only test where the test would attempt to read past the end of the disk in some cases (if the total amount of bytes on the disk was exactly divisible by 64MB)
  • Changed how the USB3 device handles are opened, they are now created before starting the test threads to prevent the UI locking up once the load on the USB system becomes heavy when starting lots of plugs at 100%
  • System information library updates
    • Temperature support for NVMe drives
    • Added retrieval of Device Info + SMART values for NVMe Samsung and Intel SSD drives
    • Fixed an issue with multiple network cards not being displayed in system information

Version 8.1 build 1012, 15/January/2016

  • Fixed some clipping issues with the OK/Error buttons in the webcam test
  • Fixed a bug stopping a script or test from finishing correctly when running the webcam test
  • Fixed a bug preventing the MAC address of network cards being displayed in the system information
  • Fixed a bug where the fullscreen resolution setting when running the 3D test in fullscreen (non windowed) mode was being ignored and the test would run at the default resolution

Version 8.1 build 1011, 10/December/2015

  • Added extra logging on memory verification errors
  • Added IP addresses display for network cards in system information
  • Added simple HTTPS authentication entry method to the management console, a windows username/password entry dialog will be displayed when authentication is required
  • Made some changes to log less 2D errors for memory corruption (eg if driver crashes). Instead of logging an error for each 4 byte address failure will now log one error with a total count in the error message
  • Fixed a bug where if a script was automatically stopped on an error condition (using "SETERRORS ACTION stop") it would flag the stop as a manual (not auto) stop which would cause a message box prompt to be displayed before running a post test application rather than launching it automatically.

Version 8.1 build 1010, 28/September/2015

  • Added BIOS serial number to system information display
  • Fixed a MIDI error in windows 10 that was caused by the system information library used by BurnInTest when reading hard disk temperatures
  • Corrected a display and test start issue when loading a config file with "Auto select" hard drives enabled

Version 8.1 build 1009, 31/August/2015

  • Added SETDISKDESTRUCTIVE script keyword to allow physical disks to be selected for raw disk testing
  • Fixed a bug stopping more than 50 disks from being selected for testing (current test limit is 80)
  • Fixed a bug in the "Random data, random seeking" test pattern that could cause verification errors in large (>4GB) test files

Version 8.1 build 1008, 12/August/2015

  • Corrected a bug introduced in v8.1.1006 where BurnInTest would not start on Windows XP.

Version 8.1 build 1006, 5/August/2015

  • Added additional Intel i3/i5/i7 Broadwell desktop, Xeon E3 and AMD Kaveri refresh CPU system information.

Version 8.1 build 1005, 3/August/2015

  • Correction to the Operating system displayed for the latest Windows 10 releases.
  • Added additional Intel Skylake CPU specific system information.

Version 8.1 build 1004, 27/July/2015

  • Added Intel Skylake CPU specific system information.
  • Improved the memory test error messages to include leading "0"s for the read and expected values.
  • System information updated to support displaying video card memory greater than 4GB.
  • Memory SPD information Jedec manufacture ID list updates.

Version 8.1 build 1003, 17/July/2015

  • Changes to correct a crash on start-up with HTML reporting of SPD data on a system with a large number of memory sticks.
  • Correction to the SETLOG script command for "TRACELEVEL NO".
  • Correction to the BITaccess lock down for CPU, GPGPU and PCIe.

Version 8.1 build 1002, 15/July/2015

  • Minor improvements and corrections to the PCIe test.
  • Changes to correct a crash with formatting SMART attribute data that can occur on very long test runs, when the disk test checks SMART data and disk temperature monitoring is turned on.
  • Changes to correct a crash on start-up collecting SMART data from Adaptec 6, 7 and 8 Series Hardware Raid Controllers with new firmware.
  • Added debug logging and a work around for BurnInTest not stopping on Windows embedded.

Version 8.1 build 1001, 8/July/2015

  • Minor improvements and corrections to the PCIe test.

Version 8.1 build 1000, 6/July/2015

  • New PCIe loopback and voltage test. Requires PassMark PCIe test card.
  • Improved the Bluetooth test for iPads and Android smartphones.
  • System information changes:
    • Removed some debug message boxes for Ivy bridge CPUs.
    • Added system information for AMD Radeon R9 Fury X, R9 390X, R9 390, R9 380, R9 M375, R9 M370X, R7 370.
    • Fixed memory SPD for AMD Hudson-2/Hudson-3 SMBus systems. Added decoding of Maximum Activate Count (MAC) and Maximum Activate Window (MAW) SPD fields in DDR3 rev 1.3.
    • Improved SMART data collection for disk controller drivers that identify as SCSI drives.

Version 8.0 build 1046, 19/June/2015

  • Correction to the "SETNETWORK" scripting command for setting the "LOOPBACK" test mode.

Version 8.0 build 1045, 10/June/2015

  • Correction to the command line parameter, -n [minimum volume size in MB].  Previously could only be used to exclude disks less than about 2GB.
  • Added new debug logging for a USB 2.0 loopback error.

Version 8.0 build 1044, 29/May/2015

  • Added a silent version of force debug logging "-US", where the debug log filename message boxes are not displayed.

Version 8.0 build 1043, 22/May/2015

  • Corrected a rare crash bug when graphing temperature data.
  • If the battery test reports a capacity and designed capacity of 0, an error is now raised.
  • The following scripting command can now include environment variables in the parameters for expansion to strings: SETSERIAL, SETTECHNICIAN, SETCUSTOMER, SETMACHINETYPE, SETNOTES. SETNOTES can include "\n" as a new line break.
  • SPD system information added for the Intel Sunrise Point chipset. Improvements for DDR3 and ECC DDR2 SPD information.
  • New debugging logging added for when a crash occurs while running on WinPE.
  • Updates to help.

Version 8.0 build 1042, 29/April/2015

  • Minor change to the Random data with random seeking physical disk test and additional debug logging.

Version 8.0 build 1041, 27/April/2015

  • The disk test has been optimized to run faster, especially for disks that are faster than about 800MB/s.
  • The physical disk test may report "Unable to unmount volume" if partition information is found on the disk, but no volume is mounted. This has been corrected.
  • Corrected a possible crash bug with the Butterfly seek disk test if BurnInTest is unable to get the disk volume information.
  • Reduced the time taken to collect System information.
  • Corrected a possible crash bug if BurnInTest was started before the disk system information was collected.
  • Updated CPU system information: Added Intel Cherry Trail, Braswell and Knights Landing. Added Intel Bay trail temperature monitoring. Intel Core 2 Duo E6000 and E4000 temperature monitoring updates. Added newer Intel Haswell and Broadwell CPU system information. Added newer AMD CPU system information.
  • Improvements to memory information collection for SPD decode of DDR2 ECC, the Intel 5100 chipset, Intel Wildcat Point PCH and decoding of DDR3 rev1.1 timings.
  • Added System information for the AMD HD 8690A GPU.

Version 8.0 build 1040, 27/March/2015

  • Changes to the new 2D EMC reference test pattern test:
    - Alt-tab can now be used to bring the BurnInTest controls on top of the test pattern.
    - The test pattern is now supported on up to 4 monitors (more if graphics system supports duplication onto more monitors).
    - A new option to display the scrolling characters on the primary display and the test pattern on a second display has been added.
    - 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 sampling has been added to the relevant zones of the test pattern.
  • If testing a system with greater than 2GB of RAM when using 32-bit BurnInTest on WinPE, then the test RAM size is limited in a more appropriate manner. Note: Systems with more than 2GB of RAM should be tested with 64-bit BurnInTest.

Version 8.0 build 1039, 18/March/2015

  • New 2D EMC reference test pattern test.
  • Reduced the time to collect memory SPD information in some scenario's.
  • New system information for some newer CPUs.
  • Some CPU information collection is now skipped on Linux VM's.
  • Licence agreement updated.
  • Minor updates to help.

Version 8.0 build 1038, 18/February/2015

  • Correction for Windows 10 when driver verifier is turned on for Blue Screen INVALID_KERNEL_HANDLE. Note: this issue did not occur if the driver verifier was not turned on.
  • Additional system information added for new Haswell-E Xeon E7 v3.

Version 8.0 build 1037, 9/February/2015

  • Correction to a verify error in the disk High/Low test mode when run on a physical disk.

Version 8.0 build 1036, 6/February/2015

  • Fixed a black screen issue related to reading DDR4 RAM SPD data.
  • Fixed memory SPD information not being retrieved for Sandy Bridge-E/Ivy Bridge-E chipsets when failing in some scenarios.
  • Improved support for running on Virtual Machines.

Version 8.0 build 1035, 2/February/2015

  • Added debug information for 3rd party temperature monitoring.

Version 8.0 build 1034, 30/January/2015

  • Added R9 285, HD 7730 to video card system information.
  • Added detection of whether BurnInTest is running on a Virtual Machine, or real hardware. In some cases, some CPU information collection will be skipped on VMs.

Version 8.0 build 1033, 28/January/2015

  • Added debug information for 3rd party temperature monitoring.

Version 8.0 build 1032, 7/January/2015

  • Changes to the collection of Memory SPD information (for Intel801 SMBus) and additional debug information.

Version 8.0 build 1031, 7/January/2015

  • A CPU test bug that could cause false CPU errors on 32-bit BurnInTest has been corrected. This problem was introduced in 32-bit BurnInTest 8.0.1026 and was caused by a change in the compiler we use. In the BurnInTest log the user might see false errors like, "FPU operation verification failed"
  • Changes to the collection of Memory SPD information (for Intel801 SMBus).
  • System information added for new Intel Broadwell-U CPUs.

Version 8.0 build 1030, 2/January/2015

  • Changed the date format in the reports to be consistent with the format of other dates. This removes the USA specific formatting MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Memory SPD system information updates.

Version 8.0 build 1029, 19/December/2014

  • A possible crash bug on start-up has been corrected for the collection of DDR4 memory information.

Version 8.0 build 1028, 12/December/2014

  • It was possible that the disk test using the physical disk test mode could report a false error. This has been corrected.
  • A possible crash when collecting system SMART information on start-up has been corrected.
  • Minor improvements to system information collection.

Version 8.0 build 1027, 10/December/2014

  • On receiving GPGPU device errors, BurnInTest will now pause the GPGPU test for a minute.
  • BurnInTest 8.0.1026 did not work on Windows XP. This has been corrected.

Version 8.0 build 1026, 8/December/2014

  • Scripting for SETTEST GPGPU and UNSETTEST GPGPU corrected.
  • The no operation checks have been extended to check for no operations per 3D test thread (when running more than one 3D test and only some of the tests are not working).
  • Added support for XMP2.0 SPD memory information.
  • Added custom names for AMD A10/A8/A6 integrated cards (eg AMD Radeon R7 A10-7850k).
  • On receiving a GPGPU verification error, BurnInTest will now pause the test for a short duration.
  • Additional GPGPU detailed logging.
  • Minor corrections.
  • Updates to help to improve performance on high DPI displays.

Version 8.0 build 1025, 17/November/2014

  • The disk test, random seeking test mode, has been changed to resolve verification errors where the value 66 is incorrectly read.
  • 32-bit BurnInTest could crash on starting the disk test with a large number of disks under test, the random seeking test mode selected and 64MB test blocks specified. This has been corrected.

Version 8.0 build 1024, 14/November/2014

  • Correction for collecting memory SPD information on some Intel ICH SMBUS based systems.
  • Correction for temperature display when using 3rd party tools: SpeedFan and Hmonitor.
  • Updates to help.

Version 8.0 build 1023, 12/November/2014

  • Correction to the 2D video memory test on High DPI monitors, where no operations would be reported. Note: It is normal for the 2D test display to be smaller on high DPI monitors.
  • Minor correction to start-up of the GPGPU test. Added new debug logging.
  • System information added for newer Broadwell CPUs.
  • Corrected pop-up menus broken in V8.0.1013.
  • Status bar could display "USB not detected", this has been corrected.

Version 8.0 build 1022, 10/November/2014

  • Corrected a bug where BurnInTest could crash on closing the disk test.
  • The MachineID for the BurnInTest Management Console can now be specified as a command line parameter, -MGT <MachineID>, where <MachineID> can be text or an environment variable that will be expanded.
  • If the MachineID is changed in Configuration->Report information, and BurnInTest is connected to a management console, then BurnInTest will now reconnect with this new MachineID.
  • BurnInTest Plugin paths can now be specified with (or without) quotes.
  • Corrected the number of L1 and L2 CPU caches on Bay Trail CPU's.
  • System information improvements for AMD video cards.
  • System information improvements for Memory SPD collection (for IMC1 SMBus not available for Haswell chipsets).
  • Updates to help.

Version 8.0 build 1021, 24/October/2014

  • Corrected a bug in BurnInTest where the disk test could cause 32-bit BurnInTest to crash after a long period of testing.
  • The number of CPU caches reported has been corrected for Haswell-E.

Version 8.0 build 1020, 22/October/2014

  • The disk test is now paused if BurnInTest is running out of Virtual memory. Increased debug logging for the disk test.

Version 8.0 build 1019, 22/October/2014

  • Additional Intel Silvermont CPU (ATOM) information added.
  • The option to lock the tests to a single CPU has been corrected.
  • Improvement to the wrong license key version message.

Version 8.0 build 1018, 15/October/2014

  • Additional Intel Silvermont CPU (ATOM) information added.
  • Single 32-bit and 64-bit installation package changes.
  • New debug logging for the sound loopback test.

Version 8.0 build 1017, 13/October/2014

  • Intel Silvermont CPU (ATOM) frequency measurement information added.
  • Single 32-bit and 64-bit installation package.

Version 8.0 build 1016, 10/October/2014

  • Corrected a memory test compatibility issue with Windows XP where "Unknown error" could be reported.
  • Corrected a possible crash bug when stopping the Sound loopback test.
  • Intel Silvermont CPU (ATOM) frequency measurement improved.
  • System information for future Intel Atom Processor Based on Silvermont Microarchitecture added.
  • Added default name for AMD A10/A8/A6 integrated cards (AMD Radeon R7).
  • Added support for AMD Radeon HD 8xxxD/7xxxD/6xxxD/8400/8330/6320 cards.
  • Changes for multiple nVIDIA card detection.
  • Changed references from ASCII log files to text log files.

Version 8.0 build 1015, 3/October/2014

  • Reporting of Windows 10 has been added. Initial testing with Windows 10 Technical preview completed.
  • Corrected a possible crash bug in the sound loopback test.
  • Correction to the Advanced Network test to allow more than one Endpoint IP to be used in a test.
  • Improved the handling of USB 3.0 testing when the system goes into/out of sleep states.
  • CPU icon display position corrected on high DPI monitors.

Version 8.0 build 1014, 29/September/2014

  • Replaced the "Save window as image" GIF and EMF options with PNG.
  • Tested on Windows 8.1 To Go. Additional logging added for this case. Automatic disk selection changed to not test the WTG USB drive, C: drive. Documentation updated to cover WTG and its default SAN policy to set local disks offline and how to test these disks with BurnInTest..

Version 8.0 build 1013, 22/September/2014

  • Corrected a crash bug on start up on a system with invalid DDR3 SPD data.
  • Improvements to Mouse wheel scrolling to remove flicker on updates and temperature graph scrolling.
  • Improvements to the display on high DPI monitors and printing results.

Version 8.0 build 1012, 19/September/2014

  • Improvements to the display on high DPI monitors.

Version 8.0 build 1011, 19/September/2014

  • Corrected a crash bug.
  • Improvements to the display on high DPI monitors.

Version 8.0 build 1010, 17/September/2014

  • BurnInTest can now run without DirectX being installed on the system (e.g. on WinPE 3.0) - as per BurnInTest 7.0.
  • Corrected a crash bug.
  • High resolution CPU images for high DPI monitors.
  • When run under WinPE, the disk test could cause BurnInTest to run out of virtual memory after a long period of testing. The disk test would stop and BurnInTest could crash. This has been corrected.

Version 8.0 build 1009, 12/September/2014

  • Improved support for high DPI monitors.
  • Improved support for DDR4 memory system information.
  • Support for the Intel Haswell-E CPU system information.
  • Memory system information (SPD) improvements for Ivy Bridge-EX/Haswell-EX.
  • Corrected a crash bug on collecting SMBIOS system information on a particular system.
  • Disk drive temperature support changed to no longer use vendor specific temperature SMART parameters.
  • The 2D lines and bitmaps test will now pause after an error.
  • Reduced the amount of some less important level 2 activity trace logging.
  • Updated help for the above changes and additional information about 3D errors.

Version 8.0 build 1008, 29/August/2014

  • CPU system information updates (including AMD Beema, Mullin, Intel BAY trail).
  • When run under WinPE, the disk test could cause BurnInTest to run out of virtual memory after a long period of testing. The disk test would stop and BurnInTest could crash. This has been corrected.

Version 8.0 build 1007, 22/August/2014

  • Added debug logging for the 3D test to now log WM_DISPLAYCHANGE, WM POWER and WM_POWERBROADCAST messages when activity trace level 2 logging is specified.

Version 8.0 build 1006, 20/August/2014

  • Some additional system information added for Intel Broadwell CPUs and the next generation of Intel Xeon Processor Family based on Haswell.
  • Corrected a bug where a scripted test that turns on Automatic temperature monitoring, may not turn on temperature monitoring.
  • Added a new option for the disk test (command line parameter "-ADR") to also automatically select removable disk volumes (and not just automatically select fixed disk volumes).
  • Added a new command line parameter -HX, that will set the screen resolution to 1024x768x32 and exit immediately.
  • The "Activity event" has been renamed to "Summary results written to log file" to be more meaningful.
  • The memory test now leaves a little more memory headroom if the disk test is running.
  • Minor changes to help.

Version 8.0 build 1005, 11/August/2014

  • Corrected a possible crash on exiting BurnInTest if the GPGPU test had been run.
  • Corrected a possible crash with level 2 trace file logging of the event logs, where the Windows system or application event log is very large.
  • A possible scenario where Intel CPU temperatures were sometimes not collected has been corrected.
  • Minor debug logging changes.

Version 8.0 build 1004, 6/August/2014

  • A new Pre-test option has been added, Detect hardware and turn off tests. When selected BurnInTest will detect current hardware and if the hardware is not found on the system then the test is turned off (see help).
  • A new option to automatically select all physical disks under WinPE has been added, "-PHYSDISK". Note: this test will destroy all data on all of the disks.
  • Temperature monitoring is now turned on by default.
  • Corrected a memory leak that occurred when the System information Window was updated (resized or scrolled).
  • If the system has run out of memory, and the disk test is unable to create a test data buffer, the disk test is now stopped.
  • Fixed a bug where (1) BurnInTest did not exit properly when the Disk self test was run and (2) the GPGPU test did not work when run with the disk self test.
  • Fixed a bug where BurnInTest could crash on creating a 2nd Customer Certificate log file.
  • Fixed a bug where BurnInTest could crash on the GPGPU test encountering an error such as out of memory.
  • Fixed a bug where BurnInTest could crash on start-up when collecting memory SPD data.
  • Fixed a bug where BurnInTest could crash on exiting.
  • Fixed a bug where if there were no optical drives on the system, then an error was displayed in Preferences when Auto select optical drives was selected.
  • When a larger number of tests are run, the memory test will now leave a little more memory headroom.
  • An error is now displayed on starting a non-scripted test if the Plugin test is selected but no Plugin files are specified.
  • Added a check for AMD powerexpress when searching for video cards to try and correctly detect AMD graphics cards in laptops with a dual setup with an Intel onboard card.
  • Added System information for AMD R5 M230, R5 M255, R7 M260, R7 M265, R9 M275X, R9 M265X, R9 M270X and R9 M290.
  • The "Check updates" option in the PC Test kit build now includes information specific to updating the PC Test Kit.
  • Minor debug logging changes.
  • Minor changes to help.

Version 8.0 build 1003, 18/July/2014

  • When BurnInTest is run in preferences editor mode, all relevant test modes are now shown for physical disks.
  • Added DVD burn error message text (not just the error code).
  • Changes to only flush duplicate events if configured to summarize duplicates.
  • Increased 3D test debug logging.
  • Correction for reported BurnInTest crash on exit.
  • Additional debugging for the Video Playback test.
  • Minor updates to help.

Version 8.0 build 1001, 4/July/2014

  • It was possible that the Webcam test could fail on the first test, this has been corrected.
  • Corrected the Disk serial number in reports (was shown as NA).
  • It was possible that Intel GPU temperature sources were incorrectly reported, although they are not supported. Intel GPU temperatures are now not reported.
  • If the Temperature preferences are not changed and "Cancel" is selected, the current temperature sensor data is now retained (not reset).
  • AMD Radeon R9 295X2 and R7 260 video cards have been added to System Information.
  • System Information Memory SPD improvements:
    • Added support for Haswell-E SMBus (for DDR4)
    • Added support for nForce MCP79 secondary SMBus
    • Added DDR4 SPD decoding
    • Fixed SPD decoding of manufacture information
    • Added DDR3 module type specific decoding
  • The price for BurnInTest Standard has been corrected.
  • Improvements to help.

Version 8.0 build 1000, 23/June/2014


New GPGPU test

  • The GPGPU test exercises and verifies the GPU's General Purpose computing operations (rather than 3D type operations). The GPGPU tests are a bit like the CPU tests, but the tests are run on the GPU. The GPGPU test load is user selectable.
  •  The GPGPU test runs on all detected GPUs (to a maximum of 8 GPUs). The GPUs that are being tested are listed in the GPGPU test window.

New Webcam test

  •  Added an integrated Webcam test to BurnInTest Pro. This test allows a Webcam display window to be opened as a pre-test. BurnInTest will report errors opening the Webcam window and the user can also report a visual display error (via a button).

New battery test

  • Added an integrated Battery test to BurnInTest Pro. This test checks the battery levels in absolute or percentage terms. These checks can be carried out before the main tests, and/or during the main tests.

 New Microphone test

  • Added an integrated Microphone test to BurnInTest Pro. This test allows a microphone test window to be opened as a pre-test. The test allows 20 seconds of audio to be recorded via the microphone which can then be played back to verify the Microphone input is OK. BurnInTest will report errors opening the Microphone input and the user can also report an audio error (via a button).

Improved the CPU test

  • Added a new CPU test for AES.

Improved the Memory test

  •  BurnInTest can now monitor and report low level hardware errors, like corrected ECC memory errors, CPU and PCI-E errors, based on the Microsoft Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA).

Improved the Disk test

  •  Increased the default Disk test duty cycle from 50% to 100%.
  •  Added larger disk test block size options from 2MB to 64MB. In many cases this allows faster testing.
  •  Increased the Blocksize default from 0.25MB to 4MB.
  •  Optimized the Sequential, HighLow and Random test patterns to reduce the time required to test a disk and to increase load.
  •  Added a user defined test pattern (eg: 55AA or F0F0) where one user defined test pattern can be specified.
  •  Added a Physical disk read test, that tests that all sectors on the physical disk can be read. This can be useful for a number of reasons including testing that a disk is the size that it reports it is (we have seen disks and UFDs that have this issue).
  •  The mechanism to calculate the disk test throughput (MB/sec) and to trigger the Slow Disk Threshold has been improved.
  •  Corrected a Disk test crash bug with the High/Low test mode.
  • Changed the description of Automatically selecting disk drives to better reflect that SSDs are also selected with this option (not just hard disks).

Improved the Standard Network test

  •  Increased the number of Network ports that can be tested from 12 to 20.
  •  Improvement to the verification of the IPv6 Standard network test packets.
  •  When an error ratio is specified with the standard network test, the number of packets required before the ratio is considered to be meaningful has been increased.
  •  Preferences->Network now warns that at least 1 destination address must be specified.

Improved the Bluetooth test

  •  Bluetooth updated to work with more recent devices.
  •  Improved the error message when a connection to the device fails.

Improved the Advanced Network test

  •  Added an automatic detection and testing of Network Adapters option in the Advanced Network test. This allows easier testing across systems with different network card configurations.
  •  Optimized the Advanced network test to provide a greater load with lower CPU utilization (i.e. test higher network loads). Also, increased the default Advanced Network Block size from 1000 to 16384 to increase the default Network load.
  •  Better support for systems with VMWare or VirtualBox installed.

Improved the Sound loopback test

  •  The Sound loopback test has been changed from mono to stereo. BurnInTest now plays a stereo waveform and records and analyses each channel. The left and right channel waveforms are displayed in the test window and errors are reported for either the left or right channel.
  •  Very short tests are now possible (e.g. to verify correct cabling) down to about 4 seconds.
  •  Sound preferences now displays the waveform capable input and output devices on the system, to make it easy to determine which is the default device (0), and what will be used for the test.
  •  The output device is now selectable using BurnInTest scripting.

Improved the 3D test

  • Higher load through higher resolution textures and 3D objects. Improved the test for Intel integrated graphics cards.

Improved the USB test

  •  The USB 3.0 Loopback test has been changed to use a larger burst length to increase the USB system loading.
  •  Improvements to detecting PassMark USB 3.0 Loopback plugs in some scenarios.

Improved the Video Playback test

  •  Additional error information now reported for the Video Playback test.
  •  Corrected a Video playback test crash bug that could occur in rare scenarios at the end of a video clip.


  •  Separate Operating System descriptions for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

CPU changes

  • Updated CPU system information for newer CPUs.
  •  Updated CPU features: AVX, AVX2, XOP, FMA3, FMA4
  •  Non-turbo CPU speeds now measured and reported for Ivy Bridge (and later) Xeons.
  •  Summarized some CPU features to fit them all on the CPU test window.
  •  Minor CPU temperature reporting changes for AMD Family 15h, Models 0h-0Fh and 30h-3Fh (e.g. A10-7850K).
  •  Added temperature monitoring of Intel Atom NXXXX CPUs (e.g. N2800).
  •  If AMD CPU temperatures are unable to be retrieved, BurnInTest no longer reports these temperatures as 0.
  •  AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 6xx socket type corrected.

GPU changes

  •  System information added for 8970M/7730M/4810 video cards.
  •  System information added for AMD R9/R7 and 8700M/8800M video cards.

Disk changes

  •  Added disk volume GUID information
  •  The maximum number of SMART devices for System Information reporting has been increased from 32 to 64.

Memory SPD changes

  •  BurnInTest now reports memory modules greater than 32GB.
  •  Increased the number of reported memory modules from 16 to 32.
  •  Improved memory device information (added support for DDR3 SPD revision 1.2 and 1.3).
  •  Improvements to system memory information (for some systems with Intel LPC's, Ivy Bridge-E IMC SMBus, AMD/ATI/nVidia SMBus and Intel Haswell-E/Wellsburg chipsets).
  • Improvements to memory capacity information.
  •  Multiple SMBus controllers are now supported, for RAM connected to separate CPUs.
  •  Improvements to Sandy Bridge-E chipset memory module reporting.
  •  Intel ValleyView chipset, Intel 5 Series chipsets and SiS96x chipset support added.
  •  Improved collection of memory (SPD) information: Added support for retrieving info for all RAM modules on Supermicro server boards. Added support for the VT8237S chipset. Added support for enabling SMBus on the Intel X79 Express Chipset. Fixed incorrect decoding of number of banks in DDR2FB SPD that caused the memory stick size to be reported incorrectly.
  •   If BurnInTest failed to collect Memory SPD information from some systems, it was possible that BurnInTest would try forever. This would not allow the user to enter preferences. This has been corrected.

    Other changes

  •  Added reporting on Battery information to BurnInTest Pro (without the need of BatteryMon).
  •  Fixed a crash bug on start-up when collecting system information on a system with a very large number of disks.
  •  Rare crash on collecting Disk SMART information fixed.


  •  The test configuration details can now be saved to a text report (File->Save Test Configuration Text As...) or to an Activity level 1 trace log file. This can help record the test configuration of a test run or be used to check the test configuration.
  •  A statistics report has been added to log test monitoring data in a CSV (Comma Separated Variable) format for post test analysis. Currently this includes data logging for temperature, fans* and voltage*. *3rd party HMonitor or SpeedFan software is required to monitor fans and voltage.
  •  Temperature reporting and graphing now supported down to -50C (previously above 0C) where supported by the temperature source.
  •  Added fields to the Customer Test Certificate: System model, Motherboard manufacturer and Motherboard serial number.


  •  Pre-tests may now be run directly or scripted to run with or without a main body of tests.
  •  On double clicking a result on the Results window, if there is no error then the test description in help is displayed instead of the error description.
  •  A background watermark on the System Information page is displayed so that at a glance it is obvious whether BurnInTest V7.x or V8.x is running.
  •  Minor temperature logging change.
  •  Corrected a possible crash bug when printing results as a post test action.
  •  Corrected a bug where if all "RUN" script commands failed (e.g. due to a script syntax error) then no PASS/FAIL window will be displayed.
  •  It is now possible to skip the collection of specific system information on start-up, including CPU turbo mode, SMBIOS and SPD data. This is an extension to the existing "-W" command line parameter.
  •  Tested and documented network PXE booting a Windows image with BurnInTest 8.0.
  •  When running BurnInTest on WinPE, BurnInTest will no longer attempt to create a debug file (minidump) on encountering a crash.
  •  BurnInTest no longer converts old configuration files made with BurnInTest 6.0.1012 or earlier.
  •  Corrected a crash bug when starting the 3D test on a system with more than 10 monitors.
  •  Help updated for V8.0 and other minor improvements.

Version 7.1 build 1017, 18/September/2013

  • Corrected a crash bug when collecting disk SMART information during startup (problem reported on a single system).
  • Windows 8.1 support confirmed (no changes made to BurnInTest). Minor change to Rebooter.

Version 7.1 build 1016, 16/September/2013

  • CPU temperature monitoring and additional CPU information for Intel Silvermont/ Bay Trail and Ivy Bridge-EP (e.g. i7-4930K).
  • If Temperature->"Stop testing on threshold exceeded" was triggered for multiple temperature sources at the same time, then the Stop tests action could occur more than once (e.g. more than one FAIL Window could be displayed). This has been corrected.

Version 7.1 build 1015, 6/September/2013

  • The detailed memory information could be truncated in a small number of cases. e.g. the serial number may not have been displayed. This has been corrected.

Version 7.1 build 1014, 30/August/2013

  • Minor changes to the detection of no operations for the memory test. Increased debug logging for a specific memory test no operations error.
  • New scripting commands: SETTEMP SCALE and SETTEMP AUTO.

Version 7.1 build 1013, 23/August/2013

  • New scripting commands: PLUGIN SIMULTANEOUS, PLUGIN IGNORE_NO_OPS, SETMANAGEMENT. Scripting support for 5 pre-test plugin's (up from 3). Improvements to very long parameter handling in scripts.
  • Added an error message for the case when Bootable BurnInTest is booted from WinPE 3/Win7 (or lower) when connected to a USB 3.0 port and is not supported.
  • Minor software text updates.
  • Help updates.

Version 7.1 build 1012, 21/August/2013

  • Added 2 new scripting commands, SETTEST and UNSETTEST. These allow tests to be selected or de-selected in a script (without the use of a loaded configuration file).
  • Corrected the default Standard Network loopback address (problem introduced in 7.1.1009).
  • Corrected AMD Family 15h/16h temperatures (problem introduced in 7.1.1009).
  • Added logging for the disk test if the test files can not be deleted.

Version 7.1 build 1011, 16/August/2013

  • Management console defaults corrected for v7.1.1009 configuration file. This led to too many status updates and BurnInTest being very sluggish when managing BurnInTest with the Management Console.
  • The Event Log "Description" column is now resized to fill any empty screen space when the BurnInTest Window is resized.

Version 7.1 build 1010, 14/August/2013

  • Disk serial numbers could be displayed for the wrong physical disk. This has been corrected.
  • Some additional information added for Intel Bay Trail CPUs.

Version 7.1 build 1009, 12/August/2013

  • Updated CPU system information for newer CPUs (including: Cloverview, Richland, Kabini, Temash, Delhi, Seoul, Abu Dhabi, Kyoto) as well as updated CPU models. Includes temperature monitoring for AMD Kabini (Family 16h) based CPUs, some newer Atom CPUs and some newer Ivy Bridge CPUs.
  • Updated the Disk drive serial number and volumes information, as this may have been shown as "N/A" when it was available.
  • The results "Last error description" column is now resized to fill any empty screen space when the BurnInTest Window is resized.
  •  Corrected crash on start-up (for incorrectly populated SMBIOS).
  •  Added system time zone information to activity trace logs..

Version 7.1 build 1008, 29/July/2013

  • BurnInTest Management Console functionality added. Use of the Management Console requires the Web server application to be separately obtained from PassMark Software and installed on a Web server.
  • Battery capacity plugin has a new "/fc" flag that can be used to change the comparison to use "full charged capacity" instead of "current charge capacity".
  • Fixed a disk test scripting issue where the disk volume may not have been set correctly.
  • Fixed an issue reporting transcend SSDs model and serial number information.
  • Updated video card system information.
  • For consistency of logging the disk test block number, the logged block numbers during read/verify now start at 1 (as per the logging for writing blocks).
  • Corrected a bug where very long reporting fields (machine type, serial number, notes, customer name and technician name) could be truncated shorter than they should have been.
  • BurnInTest no longer supports test configuration files prior to BurnInTest V5.3.

Version 7.1 build 1007, 28/June/2013

  • Scripting for the LPT number for the Parallel port test has been corrected.

Version 7.1 build 1006, 24/June/2013

  •  Corrected a logging filename bug where a Windows environment variable specified in the "Log name prefix" field will add an extra "_" in the filename.
  •  Corrected a logging filename bug where the BurnInTest variable %REPORTSERIAL% specified in the "Log file name" field could have the first character incorrectly set to "-".
  •  Updated the help file.

Version 7.1 build 1005, 17/June/2013

  •  Improvements to Atom Family CPU information reporting.
  •  Added Temperature reporting for the Atom E680 and E680T.

Version 7.1 build 1004, 7/June/2013

  • Attempt to fix a bug where the Broadcom NetXtreme II network adapter is not displayed in the system information.

Version 7.1 build 1003, 5/June/2013

  • Improved support for Intel Haswell CPUs (temperature reporting and additional CPU information).

Version 7.1 build 1002, 3/June/2013

  • Added MAC address for network cards to customer certificate system summary
  • The "Save window as image" function will now default to and only allow the "Visible section only" option when the focus is on the temperature graph
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes not all the physical network cards could be displayed in the system information (more likely to occur on Windows Vista and newer due to the large number of network devices)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on some systems when collecting system information
  • Made some changes to prevent USB3 test threads from trying to start testing the same plug
  • Updated battery capacity plugin to support new /p command line parameter (PRO only)

Version 7.1 build 1001, 12/March/2013

  • Added editable temperature threshold values for CPU/GPU/HDD sources when using "auto select"
  • Fixed a bug where if the temperature threshold value was exceeded at the very start of the test run and using "stop testing on threshold exceeded" an error was logged but the test might not stop
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when BurnInTest was exiting
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when running the USB3 test if the plug had gone into suspend mode
  • Fixed a bug where invalid characters entered as part of a key when installing to USB could cause the registration to fail after installing

Version 7.1 build 1000, 4/February/2013

  • Added USB3 loopback plug support to the USB test
  • USB loopback plug serial number has been added to the results and logging summary

Version 7.0 build 1017, 18/December/2012

  • Added a new warning message when network card connection status cannot be read
  • Stopped a connection error being logged at the start of the advanced network when using Intel network cards, it is not possible to get the connection status from them and was subsequently logging an error
  • Fixed a bug in the scripting where the SETDISK option could sometimes not set the drive letter to be tested correctly

Version 7.0 build 1016, 14/November/2012

  • Added Bios version & date and network card info to test certificate
  • Added %REPORTSERIAL% flag to log prefix option that will be replaced with the serial number entered as part of the report information
  • Added serial number and volume information when available to log file when listing the disk drives as well as their drive number so they can be more easily matched to the disk being tested
  • Changed behaviour so "automatically monitor temperature" options defaults to off
  • Changed behaviour so if the BitErrorClassification.txt file is read only BurnInTest will no longer display an error
  • Added a new error message "2D graphics test was interrupted"
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if the 2D video memory test was interrupted (for example by using ctrl-alt-del)
  • Fixed a bug in the SETSERIALPORTS script command where the "SPEED" component was not being interpreted correctly
  • Fixed a bug in the SETSERIALPORTS script command where the "CYCLE_115K" value for the "SPEED" component was not recognised
  • Fixed a display issue where if "Automatically select temperature sources" was unchecked but temperature sources were still selected the temperature line on the results tab would not be displayed
  • Fixed a crash caused by a timing issue when collecting system information where the number of DIMM slots could be an invalid value
  • Fixed a bug preventing the DVD test from starting correctly

Version 7.0 build 1015, 19/September/2012

  • Added a "Ignore "no operations" timeout" option to the plugins so no timeout warnings will be logged
  • Changed behaviour so that the test preferences cannot be changed if BurnInTest is still collecting system information at startup
  • Changed behaviour so test start time is not recorded until after pre test plugins have finished. Previously the start time was recorded when the plugins started and the total test time was applied to them as well
  • Fixed a bug in the physical (raw) disk test where the random data with random seeking test could generate an incorrect data verify error
  • Fixed a bug where the plugin name could be truncated in the log
  • Fixed a case where DirectIO.sys could not be loaded correctly on some versions of Windows

Version 7.0 build 1014, 1/August/2012

  • Made some changes to the plugins test options to allow up to 5 pre test plugins to be run (PRO only)
  • Added a new plugin option to specify whether to run plugins all at the same time or on after the other (PRO only)
  • Added new plugins to PRO edition (battery capacity, webcam, microphone and sound)

Version 7.0 build 1013, 31/May/2012

  • Fixed a bug preventing the parallel port test from starting
  • Fixed a misplaced newline in the text log output
  • Added missing report information (Machine Type, Serial and Notes) to text and HTML logs

Version 7.0 build 1012, 8/May/2012

  • Corrected a problem where some system information could not be collected on 32-bit XP.

Version 7.0 build 1011, 26/April/2012

  •  The temperature threshold could be used with the wrong temperature source. This has been corrected.
  •  Other minor changes.

Version 7.0 build 1010, 4/April/2012

  • System information updates for AMD and Intel CPUs.
  • Reduced the CPU information collection time on very slow CPUs.
  • Workaround for the AMD Llano (12h series) CPU for determining overclocked CPU frequencies.
  • BurnInTest is now compatible with other PassMark applications including PerformanceTest, RamMon and OSForensics. Previously, while monitoring temperature with BurnInTest, some functions, like collecting certain system information, were not available in PerformanceTest etc.
  • Spelling corrections.
  • Minor help file improvements.

Version 7.0 build 1009, 21/February/2012

  •  The CD/DVD burn test did not work on Windows XP. This has been corrected.
  •  System information updates for AMD CPUs.

Version 7.0 build 1008, 16/February/2012

  •  System information updates for Intel and AMD CPUs, and AMD GPUs.
  •  Temperature monitoring added for newer Intel and AMD CPUs.
  •  DirectIO.sys updated to version 9 to resolve a driver verifier issue when collecting SMBIOS data.

Version 7.0 build 1007, 10/February/2012

  •  Correction for newer AMD CPU system information (multipliers) when the CPU was loaded by other software.

Version 7.0 build 1006, 8/February/2012

  •  Correction to the BurnInTest temperature monitoring threshold.
  •  Correction to display the Temperature graph after the test has completed.
  •  Correction for the BurnInTest v7.0 SETLOG scripting command (note: the BurnInTest v6.0 SETLOG scripting command works and is unchanged).
  •  Correction to the Advanced network test Low NIC Threshold.
  •  Corrected a bug with the advanced network test error reporting when the test is scripted and when accumulate results is selected.
  •  System information updates for Intel and AMD CPUs, and GPUs.

Version 7.0 build 1005, 12/December/2011

  • Corrected a crash bug on Startup when collecting GPT partition information on a system with more than 1 GPT partition.
  • Added System information for newer DDR3 modules (DDR3 SPD version 1.1 detection).
  • Tuned the memory test allocation when run with the disk test to avoid the disk test running out of memory.
  • Added a new command line parameter, -n [minimum volume size in MB], to allow the automatic disk test selection to exclude disk volumes less than a specified size. This can be useful, for example, to exclude the System reserved partition on an SSD under WinPE.
  • Improved the physical disk drive system information when used on WinPE.
  • Correction to SSD drive indicator when used on WinPE.
  • Correction to the CPU test if the CPU frequency cannot be detected (very rare bug).
  • Corrected a bug where some BurnInTest v4.0 configuration files could not be loaded.
  •  Minor logging improvements.

Version 7.0 build 1004, 10/November/2011

  • Corrected a bug where the Preferences->Post test application field didn't work when command line parameters were specified with the application.
  • Corrected a problem with the BurnInTest Standard 3D test where on some systems it would not run and would display an DirectX initialization problem. This was not a problem with BurnInTest Pro.
  • Corrected a bug where in some cases BurnInTest could report the wrong disk as an SSD.
  • Corrected a bug where BurnInTest could incorrectly determine the number of partitions on a raw disk that had previously been tested by the BurnInTest physical disk test. This could cause subsequent physical disk tests on this drive to fail.
  • When starting BurnInTest with the command line parameter to reduce the amount of system information that is collected, -w, the waiting for system information window could still be displayed in some cases. This has been corrected.
  • When running on WinPE or Bootable BurnInTest, the physical disks that can be tested are now explicitly restricted to raw disks. Previously this limitation was only documented.
  • Bootable BurnInTest (part of the PC Test Kit and Bootable USB Flash Drive products) does not support the following tests and as such these tests have been greyed out in the Test selection window: 2D, 3D, Video Playback, Sound, Printer and Tape. Previously this limitation was only documented. These limitations do not apply to BurnInTest when run from an installed operating system.
  • A very small number of USB drives have been found to cause BurnInTest to hang when collecting disk information. These would appear to be faulty drives. However, as they can cause BurnInTest to hang, especially on starting tests with automatic temperature monitoring on, entering Preferences->Disk or Preferences->Temp, changes have been made to work-around this problem. These changes include the addition of timeout for a range of drive queries and the removal of hot pluggable (USB) drives from the automatic temperature source selection.
  • Corrected a bug where in rare cases BurnInTest could crash when Activity level 2 trace logging is selected and when BurnInTest reads an event from a very large Windows System or Application event log.
  • Tuned the memory test to improve memory allocation on test startup.
  • Improved the error location information for writing and reading to a physical disk.
  • Improved BurnInTest software exception handling to produce a mini-dump debug file in more cases.
  • Minor logging and documentation changes.

Version 7.0 build 1003, 20/October/2011

  •  Corrected the Standard network test preferences for Bad packet ratios.
  •  Corrected the Advanced network test preferences for Half and Full duplex.
  •  Corrected the Advanced network test where a disabled IPv6 network interface could be incorrectly displayed in preferences.
  •  Corrected a crash on startup when collecting PCI information on a specific system.
  •  Changed the 3D font error handling to prevent a crash during the 3D test a particular system.
  •  Attempt to correct a crash with GPU temperature monitoring.
  •  Added the raw dump of sound wave samples on certain errors when level 2 activity trace logging is selected.
  •  Improved event logging: remove a duplicate event, moved a trace level event from normal level to level 1 trace event logging, and Plugins can now report an event of severity "NONE".
  •  Minor improvements to the help file.

Version 7.0 build 1002, 22/September/2011

  •  BurnInTest 7.0 now supports Windows 8 developer preview.
  •  BurnInTest now uses the PassMark SysInfo SDK to get temperature information.
  •  The "Collecting system information" progress window was displayed when the "-w" command line parameter was specified (to minimize the amount of system information collected). This has been corrected.
  •  The "-a" command line parameter has been removed as it does not make sense with BurnInTest 7.0 being run with elevated administrator privileges. Use "-w" to minimize the amount of system information collected.
  •  BurnInTest could crash on the optical disk test when run with non-PassMark test media, e.g. when run with a DVD video. This has been corrected.
  •  BurnInTest could crash on startup on a small number of systems when run in debug mode. i.e. only when run with the "-u" command line parameter. This has been corrected.

Version 7.0 build 1001, 13/September/2011 - MAJOR RELEASE

New tests & improvements to existing tests

Touch screen test:

  • BurnInTest now supports the testing of touch screens using the separate PassMark MonitorTest product as a Pre-test plugin. PassMark MonitorTest allows single touch tests and multi touch pan, zoom, rotate and tap gesture tests.

CPU test improvements:

  • The number of CPUs (Packages x cores x threads) that can be tested has been increased to 256 (where supported by the Operating System). That is, CPUs across multiple processor groups can be tested.
  • It is now possible to raise an error on a user defined CPU temperature threshold being exceeded. It is also possible to automatically stop testing in this scenario.
  • The duration of the individual CPU tests have been balanced to provide better coverage of some SIMD CPU instructions.
  • Improvements to CPU test memory allocation mean memory allocation errors that may have been reported as out of memory CPU errors are now not reported as CPU errors, but more likely as memory errors.

Memory test improvements:

  • The memory tests have been optimized to test with higher loads on memory and to run more quickly.
  • A new memory adjacency cell test is now included to help detect more memory errors where accessing a memory cell changes the value of an adjacent memory cell.
  • The memory test display has been improved to display write and read speed for the Standard memory test and to not display any previous test results when starting a new test.
  • The ability to investigate system issues after an event that crashes BurnInTest (like a driver crashing BurnInTest) has been improved. Specifically, in V6.0 the memory test could continue to run if BurnInTest had an unrecoverable error, this could make the system less responsive during post failure investigation.

Disk test improvements:

  • Added new disk self tests, short and extended. These are a set of built-in routines implemented by the vendor to perform failure diagnostics on the disk. They can report disk errors such as a failure:
    • of the electrical element,
    • of the servo and/or seek test element,
    • of the read element,
    • due to handling damage.
  • SMART monitoring and reporting is now available on many external drives (previously only available on internal drives).
  • SMART reporting for disks is now supported when running a physical disk test (previously only available on a disk volume test).
  • The physical disk test is now available on formatted disks (that do not contain Windows installations or paging files). In V6.0 the physical disk test was only available on unformatted disks.
  • A new disk test mode, Quick physical drive test, is now available for the physical disk test. This tests the most important parts of the physical disk and a random selection of the remainder of the disk. This provides for much quicker disk testing.
  • It is now possible to raise an error on a user defined Hard disk temperature threshold being exceeded. It is also possible to automatically stop testing in this scenario.
  • Hard disk temperature monitoring is now supported on many external drives (previously only available on internal drives).
  • The floppy disk (A:) has been removed from the default disk preference selection.

Standard Network test:

  • Changed the Standard Network test to have two types of tests (1) Internal loopback or (2) a test of all available Network ports. The preferences User Interface has been simplified. This overcomes timeouts that could be reported with the previous test when "Test all available Network ports" was set to "No".
  • Test up to 12 NICs (up from 6).
  • Test IPv6 on Windows Vista and later (as well as IPv4).
  • The Standard network test duty cycle load is now more linear (in V6.0 100% duty cycle was significantly higher load than 99%).
  • The default timeout has been increased from 2 seconds to 4 seconds.

Advanced Network test:

  •  Test up to 12 NICs (up from 6).
  • Select to test from up to 20 local NICs (up from 10).
  • Test can now test IPv6 on Windows Vista and later (as well as IPv4). Note: BurnInTest and the Endpoints must support IPv4.
  • The test window now displays all of the NICs being tested and it’s Endpoint.
  • The test preferences now includes a Display Endpoints option to make it clearer the number of endpoints currently available for testing.
  • A low throughput threshold value can now be specified to raise a throughput error.

Optical drive test improvements:

  • The Optical disk configuration file is now portable across systems where the optical drive configuration is different.
  • The number of Optical drive tests has been increased from 20 to 26.
  • If Select all available drives is selected and the automatic detection of optical drives determines there are no drives, then the optical drive test is turned off.

2D test improvements:

  • 2D video memory test cycle count definition has been changed so that 1 cycle represents 1 full pass of the video test memory.

USB test improvements:

  • Test up to 25 USB ports with the PassMark USB 2.0 Loopback plug (up from 10). This also requires V7.0 of the USB 2.0 Loopback plug device driver.
  • A new option to auto detect the number of USB plugs connected has been added. There must be at least 1 plug for the test.
  • The PassMark USB 2.0 Loopback plug is now compatible with other USB products from other vendors. BurnInTest 7.0 supports USB testing when these other USB devices are connected. Specifically, a 3rd party USB device uses the same internal name as the USB 2.0 Loopback plug (with V6.1 of the device driver and earlier) which meant that that USB device needed to be removed before USB testing could be conducted with BurnInTest.

Sound Loopback test:

  • Changed the Sound loopback test mechanism to use longer sampling durations. This resolves a problem where the test could report false positives when the CPU is under heavy load.

Serial Port test:

  • The BurnInTest serial port test has been changed to configure the COM ports when run from Microsoft WinPE 3.0 so that the COM ports can be tested.

Video Playback test:

  • Added a default test video file (300x168) for Video Playback if no other video files are available or selected.

Temperature monitoring and reporting:

  • A new Temperature tab has been added to allow the monitoring of temperature over the test period.
  • Temperature can be monitored and reported for 6 temperature sources (up from 3).
  • Temperature can now be graphed for 6 temperature sources.
  • Temperature sources can now be automatically selected by BurnInTest.
  • Temperature can be monitored and reported for some nVIDIA and AMD GPUs (as well as CPU and Hard disks).
  • Temperature reporting included for new AMD CPUs (APUs).
  • Temperature monitoring for Intel Core 2 CPUs (as well as later Intel CPUs).
  • The final test temperatures are now displayed after the test has completed (and reset on start of tests).
  • The frequency temperature values that are to be sampled can now be specified. The sampling now occurs regardless of which tab is displayed (previously the
    Results tab needed to be displayed).
  • It is now possible to raise an error on a user defined CPU, hard disk and GPU temperature threshold being exceeded. It is also possible to automatically stop testing in this scenario.
  • Hard disk temperature monitoring is now supported on many external drives (previously only available on internal drives).
  • Selecting the Maximum CPU temperature as a Quicktest no longer turns off temperature monitoring.
  • Changed the CPU Quicktests to monitor CPU temperature only (if available). Changed the 2D and 3D Quicktests to monitor GPU temperature (if available). Changed the Disk Quicktests to monitor Disk temperature (if available).
  • Changed the temperature preferences to validate temperature values for disks before allowing them to be selected.

New system information

  • Updates for newer CPU and GPU models.
  • Improved maximum CPU speed measurement.
  • Improved the RAM module information that is displayed and reported. Detailed RAM SPD module information is now available with trace file logging.
  • System information summary now displays SSD's separately from HDD's.
  • System information now displays USB 3.0 host controllers and the devices on the hubs behind these host controllers.
  • In the case that 2 GPUs from different vendors were installed, it was possible that the description for one of these was incorrect. This has been changed.
  • When BurnInTest is run on WinPE 3.x, BurnInTest did not report the COM ports in the System Information section. This has been changed.
  • Corrected the Video Card chip type description where gibberish could be displayed after the description string.

Improvements to testing automation

  • Scripting has been extended to allow many common preference settings to be set. Specifically, the following new scripting commands have been added:
    • SETCPU
    • SETRAM
    • SETUSB
    • SETLOG (options have been expanded)
  • BurnInTest can now be signaled to stop (and exit) by an external application.
  • If a script file does not exist in the My Documents directory and no path is specified an error message is now displayed.
  • The Pre-test, launch application and don't wait now uses the default directory (like the wait version) for configuration and scripting.
  • Documented a command line parameter to set the screen resolution on starting BurnInTest, intended for use with Microsoft WinPE.
  • Designed mechanisms to support a future management console, which is under development.

Improvements to reporting 

  • More than one report type can now be automatically saved, i.e. text, HTML and the customer certificate can now all be selected.
  • The trace file format can now be selected (rather than being the same format as the main report file). Specifically if the report is HTML, the trace file can be text (which is easier to analyze).
  • Increased the length of report event lines from 100 characters to 200 characters. In particular the report line length was previously truncated for some customer Plugins and Windows systems events.
  • Changed the Logging Preferences, Clear results and append to existing log file, option (which was creating a new log file for each test run).
  • Copying text or HTML to the Clipboard will now copy both formats to the clipboard such that a subsequent paste will be either text or HTML, depending on the application.


  • Improved support for not Latin (e.g. English) character sets. While BurnInTest is in English, some information collected from the system or entered by the user may now use non-Latin character sets.
  • BurnInTest has been changed to run with elevated administrator privileges as this is required for some tests and quite a lot of system information. This also allows temperature monitoring to be turned on by default.
  • The "FAIL" definition has been changed to include critical, serious and warning events, but now exclude information level events.
  • All events may now be configured to not be reported if they are not meaningful in a specific test environment (by setting to NONE in BITErrorClassifications.txt).
  • A "preferences editor" mode has been added to create test configurations for just about any system, without needing the hardware (e.g. configure hard disk to be tested that are not on the local system). Specifically, when specifying the command line parameter "Y":
    • All HDD drive letters [A..Z] and physical disk numbers [0..99] are displayed and allowed in Preferences->Disk;
    • all optical disk drive letters [A..Z] are added to Preferences->Disk;
    • CPU instructions not supported on the current system, are selectable;
    • Files are not validated for existence: Plugin, sound, logging, video playback, pre/ post test.
  • Improved the look of the Event log window, making it easier to review the events. This includes:
    • The removal of the limit of displaying 1000 events.
    • Sorting of events based on their severity, time, source and description.
    • A contextual popup menu for clearing results and copying events to the clipboard.
    • Double clicking an event will now display a description of the common errors.
  • Improved the look of the Result log window, making it easier to review the results. This includes:
    • Sorting of events based on their test name, cycles, operations, errors and last error description.
    • A contextual popup menu for clearing results and copying events to the clipboard.
  • Reduced the start-up time on newer Intel CPUs.
  • Changed the Disk, Optical drive and USB preference windows for consistency.
  • The retry timeouts for some error types has been standardized.
  • Removed a directory does not exist warning message from Preferences->Logging when the directory of the log file is the root directory of a drive.
  • Changed the internal handling of the Windows 2D GUI test such that it is de-linked from the main BurnInTest Window and the main Window can now be moved while this test is running.
  • Changed the definition of Cycles for the 3D, Network, Video Playback and USB tests to better balance the cycle count across tests.
  • Add launch of cmd.exe option from BIT menu when running in WinPE.
  • Other minor improvements and bug corrections.
  • Help updates. 


Version 6.0 build 1030, 2/May/2011

  • Corrected the "-K" command line parameter (keep disk test files on error).
  • Corrected HTML periodic interim test results logging.
  • Other minor corrections.
  • Help updates.

Version 6.0 build 1029, 4/April/2011

  • Some CPU speed information is now not collected when the command line parameter '-W' (minimize system information collection) is used. Some systems, e.g. a customer's Windows Embedded Standard system, explicitly flags support of the mechanism used, but doesn't support it. This leads to a BSOD on startup (STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, ...) intelppm.sys).
  •  Corrected a crash on startup for a particular system (related to the collection of SMBIOS system information).
  •  Corrected a crash in Preferences->Sound when a non existent file name is manually entered.
  •  An explicit 1.5GB limit on the amount of video memory that 32-bit BurnInTest will test has been added. This is due to limitations with the default configuration of 32-bit Windows. On 64-bit systems, 64-bit BurnInTest should be used where this limit does not exist for BurnInTest and other applications.
  •  Added a new video playback error for CPU usage exceeded for audio playback when certain sound effects are enabled. Added additional details for a set of audio events during video playback.
  •  Improved the detection of the number of CPU cores when the "CPUID limit" BIOS setting is enabled (not the normal setting).
  •  Corrected a minor resource (handle) leak with the Optical drive test when non-PassMark optical media is used and the test detects and reports errors. This could potentially cause system problems during the test if a very large number of Optical drive errors are found. 

Version 6.0 build 1028, 19/January/2011

  •  Improved system information for Intel 2nd generation i3, i5 and i7 CPU's (Sandy Bridge). 

Version 6.0 build 1027, 12/January/2011

  •  System information Graphic card naming updates.
  •  Corrected the reporting of the CPU speed measurements for overclocked Intel Core 2 CPU's.
  •  VIA CPU model names now reported.
  •  Corrected a crash on startup for a particular system.

Version 6.0 build 1026, 8/November/2010

  • Corrected a bug where the frames in the 3D test would not change after about 16.8 million frames, hence the same frame was rendered and displayed (appearing not to update).
  • Temperature monitoring support added for more hard disk types.

Version 6.0 build 1025, 12/August/2010

  • Corrected a crash bug with the standard Network test that occurred on some systems when Test all available Network Adapters was selected.
  • Changed the startup of BurnInTest to allow BurnInTest to start when a specific 3rd party USB device (incompatible with BurnInTest) was connected to the system.
  • System information has been updated for newer AMD and Intel CPU specifications.
  • Corrected the CPU multiplier and base clock for the AMD Phenom II X6 when the CPU did not go into the Turbo Core P-State during the CPU frequency measurement.
  • Update to the CPU detection when BurnInTest is started without access to all CPUs i.e. started with a CPU affinity mask.
  • Forced debug logging ("-u") improved.  SMBIOS system information, standard network test and serial port test debug logging has been increased.
  • Minor help file updates.

Version 6.0 build 1023, 2/July/2010

  •  Improvements to the CPU frequency measurement on startup.
  •  Improvements to the raw disk test (physical disk number test) to avoid sharing violation errors during the random seek cycle. Also, the raw disk test can now be configured with 32-bit BurnInTest, when running on 64-bit Windows.
  •  Improvements to the Sound Loopback test when the CPU is under load. Corrected an "Out of Memory" error for the Sound loopback test. Improved the Sound Loopback test window display.
  •  Change for Turbo capable CPU's when run under WinPE 3.0 to correct a system crash.
  •  When running on WinPE, F10 now launches the Windows command window.

Version 6.0 build 1021, 26/May/2010

  •  Corrected the reporting of Intel Turbo mode CPU speeds (rather than reporting non-Turbo CPU speeds).
  •  The memory device type for some ROM devices was incorrectly reported as DDR3. This has been corrected.
  •  Corrected a bug where the tests would not complete if only the USB test was run and no USB 2.0 Loopback plugs were detected.
  •  Reduced the CPU load of the Sound Loopback test.
  •  Crash minidump logging added to the Standard version of BurnInTest (previously only in the Professional version).
  •  Added new 2D video memory test and 3D test logging.
  •  Minor help file improvements.

Version 6.0 build 1020, 31/March/2010

  • Corrected a problem where BurnInTest incorrectly reported an error, "USB loopback plug identified itself incorrectly", for some PassMark USB 2.0 Loopback plugs.
  • Correction to the display of memory device information for systems with more than 10 memory devices.
  •  Improvements to the collection of System information (SMBIOS) for some newer systems.
  •  Disk test file size minimum changed from 0.01% to 0.0001%.
  •  Changes to the 2D video memory test to better handle the scenario when a block of test texture data (video memory) is being verified, and during this stage the graphics card removes the test texture data from the graphics card. This can occur for a number of reasons, including changes to display such as the resolution and color depth.
  •  Changed the level of the 3D test "The 3D test was interrupted" event from warning to information, as this is not an error in many cases, such as user interruptions and when the graphics display settings are changed.
  • Changes to the sound loopback test to better handle testing with the CPU test under very high load (when hard on 100%).
  •  ".cmd" files can now be specified as Post-test external applications.
  •  Correction to the log file reported stop time when accumulated logging used.
  •  Correction to support temperature monitoring for the Intel T3100 CPU.
  •  System information for newer CPUs added.

Version 6.0 build 1019, 4/February/2010

  • Corrected a rare crash bug on startup for systems with more than 8 Memory slots and memory slot error information.
  • CPU information improvements for Intel Westmere.
  • Improved the Maximum CPU Temperature test.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented selecting the CPU SSE4.2 test individually.
  • Correction to allow all CPU core temperatures to be reported (bug with Intel Core i5 CPU).
  • Minor logging improvements

Version 6.0 build 1018, 30/December/2009

  •  Change for a BSOD on starting BurnInTest on Core i5 and newer Core i7 CPUs with Windows 2008 (only for BurnInTest V6.0.1014 and later).
  •  Minor logging improvements

Version 6.0 build 1017, 16/December/2009

  •  Change for Intel CPUs supporting Turbo mode, for non-turbo speed measurement.
  •  If there is more than 1 USB test specified, but there are less USB loopback plugs attached than specified, an error will be generated (almost) immediately.
  •  If stop on error is specified, a script will now stop on a no operations error at the end of an individual "RUN" scripted command.
  •  Corrected the handling if a log file directory could not be created.
  •  Added CPU information for new Intel Xeon CPUs.
  • New debug logging added to WIN64 BurnInTest PRO (previously in WIN32 PRO).

Version 6.0 build 1016, 7/December/2009

  • 64-bit version of BurnInTest Standard released.

Version 6.0 build 1016, 10/November/2009

  •  Correction to Turbo mode reporting in V6.0.1014 (and later) for Xeon E55xx series and for Core2 CPUs that support IDA (Intel Dynamic Acceleration).
  •  Corrected an issue with the disk test where in a rare scenario the disk would become full at the end of a full scan and report a disk full error, rather than rescanning the disk.
  •  BurnInTest now allows an external application to write a subscript of scripting commands that will be run on BurnInTest Startup. This allows report information such as serial number to be set using external applications run before starting BurnInTest (using the bit-script-input.txt mechanism). Other bit-script-input.txt sub-script corrections made.
  •  Added the script command, STARTLOGGING, so that report information such as the test system serial number, can be configured before the report (log file) is opened.
  •  Improvement to the default video playback file selection under Windows 7.
  •  Corrections to copying event log information to the clipboard.

Version 6.0 build 1014, 2/October/2009

  •  CPU system information improvements:
    - Additional Intel Core i5 CPU information reported & number of caches correction.
    - CPU Base Clock reported for stock values and over/under clocking (when different) for some CPUs.
    - CPU Turbo and non-Turbo CPU speeds and Multipliers reported for Intel Core (Nehalem) architectures.
  •  Minor improvements to the BurnInTest CPU temperature reporting (added Intel Core i5 and improvement to average CPU value).

Version 6.0 build 1013, 10/September/2009

  • Improved support for the PassMark Blu-ray test disk.
  • A Bluetooth test has been added.
  • System information for Bluetooth is now included in the System information sections.
  • A Display devices button has been added to Preferences->Network to assist users determine the paired and in range Bluetooth devices.
  • A Wi-Fi test has been added as an extension to the standard network test. New options for 6 Network Addresses allow the user to specify the Network Adapter type for the destination Network Address. Also, new “Test all
    available NICs” options have been added: Test all available Ethernet Network Adapters and Test all available 802.11 (wireless) Network Adapters.
  • Install BurnInTest to USB drive has been added to BurnInTest Standard (previously only supported in Pro).
  • Correction to the number of CPU cores detected for an unreleased AMD CPU.
  • Correction for Hyperthreading detection for an unreleased Intel CPU. Additional CPU debug logging.
  • Improved the CPU frequency measurement for the highest CPU power state on certain Intel CPUs.
  • System information updates for the CPU specification for recent and unreleased AMD and Intel CPUs.
  • Additional Intel and AMD CPU temperature reporting added.
  • CPU icons updated.
  • Improvement to the size of test RAM at the start of the RAM Quick test.
  • Increased the number of memory slots that can be reported from 8 to 64.
  • Minor Improvement to the reporting of DDR3 memory.
  • Increased Disk error logging detail.
  • Improvements to the sound loopback test. Including, (i) only increasing the number of operations for looped waveform samples that are within the user distortion setting, (ii) adding a watchdog timer (approx. 2 minutes) to restart
    the test in the case of failure and no operations (such as a device driver failure).
  • The 2D video memory test has been tuned such that when it is used with a 3D test window of 800 x 600 or larger, more video memory is made available for the 3D test (Water texture).
  • Minor changes to the 3D test to resolve a 3D crash reported on one system.
  • Changes to the USB test for handling S3/S4 Sleep states during testing.
  • Changed the Errors->Block critical Windows errors setting to apply regardless of what tests were started (previously the disk test needed to be started).
  • Correction to a problem where after multiple scripted REBOOTs with Rebooter set to Forced shutdown, the BurnInTest configuration file could become corrupted.
  • Non printable ASCII characters are now stripped from the reports (esp. for non-English operating system).
  • Error message improved for the case when a BurnInTest Std key is entered in BurnInTest Pro (and vice-versa).
  • Improvements to the support of larger font settings in Windows.
  • Minor changes for WinPE support.
  • Minor consistency improvements to the test Windows.
  • Minor help file corrections.

Version 6.0 build 1011, 8/July/2009

  • CPU SSE4a test correction for an unreleased AMD CPU.
  • Support for the upcoming PassMark Blu-ray test disk.
  • Minor improvements to the memory and disk tests for low memory scenarios.
  • Minor improvements for Windows 7.
  • Minor system information improvements.
  • A new error message introduced for XP/W2003 IMAPI2 problems for the optical disk burn test.
  • Minor help file changes.
  • Increased level 2 activity trace logging.

Version 6.0 build 1010 rev2, 23/June/2009

  • Correction to warning when starting the Network test.
  • Minor help file changes.

Version 6.0 build 1010, 19/June/2009

  • Correction to the reporting of the Windows 7 operating system.
  • Changes to the CPU measurement algorithm to better raise Core i7 and some newer Xeon CPUs to a higher power state before taking the measurement.
  • Changes to the EXECUTEWAIT script command to wait indefinitely (rather than up to 20 minutes).
  • The user can now specify Plugin test errors 184 and 187 can be ignored, if they deem these errors are not significant for their Plugin.
  • Corrections to the data saved in the clipboard.
  • New build of Rebooter included in package, V1.3.1003.
  • Increased trace 2 logging for the CPU and 2D video memory tests.

Version 6.0 build 1009, 20/May/2009

  • Windows 7 Operating system now supported.
  • Improvements to CPU speed measurement for a system in a low power state.
  • Specific changes for when BurnInTest is under WinPE:
    - The HDD information is now included for WinPE.
    - Graphics and USB system information sections have been removed as the information is not available under WinPE.
    - The automatically select disk drives and optical drives options will now not select the X: drive (the WinPE RAM drive).
  • Corrected a bug where the test duration could be changed when starting a script.
  • Corrected a failure in the 3D test under a low video memory scenario.
  • Improvements to Standard RAM test under very low memory scenarios.
  • New trace level 1 error logging for CPU errors.

Version 6.0 build 1008, 12/May/2009

  • Improvements to the GPU load with the 3D test. With high-end GPUs and a high BurnInTest 3D test duty cycle setting (e.g. 100%), the CPU can become CPU bound which limits the load on the GPU, this has been improved and the GPU load is now higher on these high-end GPUs.
  • Improved the simultaneous testing using the 3D test (particularly for multiple simultaneous 3D tests) and the 2D video memory test.
  • The 3D test has been changed such that if Hardware Transform and Lighting is not supported by the Graphics card, then the 3D test will only run with 1 test Window, rather than up to 4 test Windows.
  • Improvements in the memory management of the standard memory test when run with the 3D test, sound test and/or Video playback tests.
  • The "Install BurnInTest to a USB drive" now also copies the help files to the USB drive or for the BartPE installation.
  • Corrected a bug where the test duration could be changed to 21 minutes when starting a script.
  • Corrected a bug where a Standard Network test of less than 2 seconds will not record the number of network operations.
  • Changed the calculation of the number of Standard Sound test cycles to not increase if no sound test files are specified (i.e. in the case of a configuration error).
  • Scripting changes:
    - Accumulated results are now always cleared at the start of a test script, but accumulated across all test runs within the script.
    - For scripts with multiple REBOOT's, if the script was manually stopped before completing, the next script run may have continued from the last command in the previous test script (in rare cases), rather than the first command. This has been corrected.
    - A bug was introduced in V6.0.1007, where on a scripted LOAD or SETLOG command, a change in the log file name would not result in a change until the next script was run (not during the current script). This has been corrected.
    - In V6.0.1007, report information set with a script command (e.g. SETSERIAL) was not included in the log file. This has been corrected.

Version 6.0 build 1007, 8/April/2009

  • Changed the 2D video memory test default to test local video memory, rather than testing any system RAM used as Video memory as well. With this setting, the memory test should be used to test the System RAM.
  • The 2D video memory test data is now pre-committed to memory, improving memory management during the testing.
  • Minor tuning to the management of RAM for the memory test, especially for when the 2D video memory test uses a lot of system RAM.
  • Correction to the Disk Test, Test all disks, where on restarting BurnInTest, all disks may not be selected.
  • Improvements to the Raw disk test and corrections for Physical disks numbered 10 and above.
  • New error introduced for the case where a Physical disk is configured to be tested but does not exist on the system.
  • Correction to logging script "LOG" commands.
  • Correction to the display/logging of the "Notes" field.
  • Correction to the test setup window where the Printer duty cycle could be impacted by the setting of the CPU duty cycle.
  • Improved portability of configuration files between systems for the Disk test.

Version 6.0 build 1006, 26/March/2009

  • The number of disks that can be tested has been increased from 20 to 50. Note: This has introduced a new BurnInTest configuration file format. Old file formats will be automatically updated when first opened with BurnInTest.
  • A new disk error message has been introduced when trying to test a raw disk that contains partitions.
  • Correction to error description for the Disk test bad sector threshold error.
  • Tuning the new V6.0 memory test and memory test corrections when the system was under very high load. New logging information.
  • Improvements to the 2D video memory test (error handling and level 2 logging).
  • Updates to the 3D test (DirectX Direct3D updated from August 2008 to March 2009).
  • Changes to usage with BartPE, such that the "X" drive (the system disk) is not included in automatic selection of disks or optical drives. Also, it will not be tested as an optical drive.
  • Sound loopback test improvements.
  • Corrected the stopping of the advanced network test after a configured number of cycles.
  • Updates to the CPU system information.
  • Improvements made to the detection of the RAM manufacturer.
  • Summarized the HDDs in the summary section (grouping the same size disks).
  • Corrections to Preferences->Logging radio button selections.
  • Corrected temperature preference selections.
  • Corrected the check as to whether there is a new version of BurnInTest available.
  • Other minor improvements and corrections.

Version 6.0 build 1002, 2/March/2009

  • Added a new menu option for installing BurnInTest to a USB drive.
  • Evaluation of BurnInTest from a USB drive installation (or a BartPE installation) no longer requires a trial license key.
  • When BurnInTest is run from a USB drive, the default user directory is now automatically changed to the BurnInTest directory on the USB drive (the "/p" option required in V5.x is no longer needed for this scenario).
  • The Video Playback test now supports .wmv files, and by default Windows Vista sample files are selected when Vista is used.
  • Improved CPU information detection and display (particularly for newer AMD CPUs).
  • Running a Post-Test batch file (.bat) application now supports user specified parameters such as $RESULT. Previously this was only supported for executables (.exe).
  • Correction to the check whether there is a new version of BurnInTest available.
  • Correction for the Parallel port test failing on 2nd and subsequent runs in certain circumstances.
  • Minor corrections and improvements.

Version 6.0 build 1001, 12/February/2009 - MAJOR RELEASE

System requirements

Windows 2008 Server support added.

New tests & improvements to existing tests

CPU test improvements:

  • Created a new CPU test that includes the previous Maths test, MMX/SIMD tests as well a wide range of new CPU instruction tests to provide a more complete CPU test. In addition to the existing tests, new CPU tests include:
    New General CPU instructions like:
    - Data transfer instructions (e.g. pushing/popping data to/from the stack)
    - Bit wise logical instructions (e.g. bit wise and/or/xor)
    - Shift and rotate instructions (e.g. shift data left x number of bits)
    - Logical instructions (e.g. equals)
    - Control transfer instructions (e.g. jump on x greater than y)
    - String instructions (e.g. copy a text string)Logical operations, conditional operations
    New Floating Point Unit instructions like:
    - Transcendental's (e.g. sin, cos)
    - Load constants (e.g. load Pi)
    New SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2 and SSE4a tests.
    A new prime number test.
    A new 'maximum' heat test.
  • The CPU tests verification mechanism has been improved.
  • An indication in the CPU test window of the number of concurrent CPU tests per test type has been added.
  • The maximum number of CPU's/CPU cores has been increased from 32 to 64.
  • The CPU Tests groups are now individually selectable for a test run.

Memory test improvements:

  • The Standard memory test has undergone a major upgrade. This removes some of the Standard memory test limitations, like the 1GB limitation for the standard test for 32-bit BurnInTest. It also removes problems with running many BurnInTest tests together with the Standard memory test. The test is now also optimized for multi-core CPU's.
  • A new Standard memory pre-test prior to the main set of tests has been added. The advantage of doing this is that the memory can be checked before the other tests are run, making it easier to identify memory problems directly, rather than indirectly (such as faulty memory in the system cache showing as a disk error). Also, when the RAM test is run individually, the allocation of test RAM is more aggressive and thus more RAM s tested.
  • The error handling for faulty memory has been improved.

Disk test improvements:

  • The Disk test has been optimized to run faster.
  • A new option has been added to the Disk test to test raw (unformatted) disks. In general, this test mode is significantly faster than testing formatted disk volumes.

Optical drive test improvements:

  • Blu-Ray read test now supported.
  • A DVD Burn test has been added. Requires Vista, 2008 Server or IMAPI2 patches for XP and 2003 Server.
  • A new DVD test mode to automatically select CD/DVD test modes (1 x DVD burn and 1 x PassMark test CD/DVD) has been added.

3D test improvements:

  • The 3D test has been optimized to offload more processing from the CPU to the Graphics card.
  • The DirectX 3D test has been updated to use the August 2008 DirectX libraries.
  • The full screen 3D tests can now be manually exited with the escape key.

Plugin test improvements:

  • The Plugin test now allows 5 external Plugin tests (up from 3) and 6 User defined test strings (up from 2).

New system information

A large amount of new system information has been included in the new version:

  • CPU: Support for new CPUs. Also, new CPU information includes: Internal codename, Family, Model, Stepping, Revision, socket type, Fabrication, features (e.g. SSE4.1 and VMX), CPU clock frequency, multipliers, minimum and maximum CPU ratios, Turbo information, TDP limit, TDC limit and number of caches. Also, manufacturer CPU icons added for many of the CPUs.
  • Memory: Memory module information and virtual memory information is now also displayed.
  • Optical drive: Blu-Ray optical drive information is now also displayed.
  • Graphics: Multiple graphics cards and multiple monitor information is now displayed. New information includes: chip type, amount of video memory, BIOS information and Device driver information
  • Ports: PS/2, USB, Firewire and audio port information is now also displayed.

Improvements to testing facilities

The main improvements to exiting testing capabilities are listed below:

  • A new Logging option to automatically generate HTML customer test certificate reports has been added.
  • A set of pre-defined common tests, 'Quick tests', has been added. These include:
    - Maximum CPU temperature: Runs a short CPU test to 'maximize' CPU temperature and check CPU cooling.
    - CPU coverage: Runs a short CPU test to validate many different CPU instructions.
    - RAM: Runs a single pass of the standard RAM test for each test pattern.
    - Video RAM: Runs a single pass of the video RAM test.
    - 3D: Runs a short 3D test.
    - Local disk scan: Runs single pass of the disk test for all locals fixed disks.
    - Removable disk scan: Runs single pass of the disk test for all removable disks, excluding floppy disks.
    - Users can also add their own tests to the Quick Tests menu simply by creating test scripts and putting them in the certain BurnInTest directories.
  • BurnInTest temperature collection for certain CPUs and Hard disks has been added (this is in addition to using the existing 3rd party products).
  • Additional error trapping has been added, to help determine where system component failures occur.
  • New scripting commands have been added to set the report attributes for the customer name and the technician, SETCUSTOMER and SETTECHNICIAN.
  • Changed the Start tests warning message to not be displayed during a test script, unless it is the first test run from the script or the test may require some user action.
  • An option to restrict User's modifying the tests selected has been added.
  • HotKeys added for common functions, like starting tests.
  • Added the menu option to edit the BurnInTest error description and classification file.
  • Double clicking the Results table opens the help file on the error description page.
  • Context sensitive right mouse button menus added for common tasks.
  • The number of clipboard options increased, including copying a System summary, system information and results as text and HTML.
  • A link to online CPU comparisons from the CPU section of System Information has been added. This shows the system's CPU type performance against a range of other CPUs.
  • Log file name prefix can now include environment variables to help with dynamic naming of log files.
  • System beep on Pass and Fail is now user configurable (when sound card/ speakers are not setup). System pass and fail sounds are also now different.
  • The Logging User Interface has been re-organized to better group like items.
  • Improved the portability of configuration files between systems. Specifically, the default Sound test files (.wav, .midi and .mp3) and other test files may be specified without a directory path, in which case the bit.exe directory is used at run time.
  • If a LastUsed.bitcfg file is not found in My Documents\<username>\BurnInTest, BurnInTest will now check the bit.exe directory (e.g. C:\ProgramFiles\BurnInTest).
  • Changed the disk free space bar chart on the Disk test window to be a bar chart showing progress in terms of testing the whole disk.
  • Added footer information for the print and export reports.
  • A left margin has been added to printouts.
  • Common numeric error codes shown during logging are now shown as a textual description.
  • Save Image and Save Report last user preferences are now remembered.

Release 5.3 build 1036, 18/November/2008

  • Correction to a license warning message.

Release 5.3 build 1034, 3/October/2008

  • Correction to setting the CD burn test drive in preferences.
  • Changed the mechanism to check for the required DirectX Direct3D as the previous method did not work on some systems (some W2003 servers).
  • Enhanced the mechanism to report memory hardware read errors in the Memory torture test.

Release 5.3 build 1033, 1/October/2008

  • Changes to correct a BurnInTest crash problem on some systems. When the disk and standard RAM tests were run for many hours, BurnInTest may have disappeared with no error message on some systems. This was mainly reported on XP SP3.

Release 5.3 build 1030, 25/September/2008

  • Changes to investigate a reported crash in BurnInTest on some XP SP3 systems with some test combinations with a duration longer than about 6 hours.

Release 5.3 build 1028, 11/September/2008

  • Two 2D Video memory test crash bug workarounds implemented. Crashes in (i) DirectX DirectShow and (ii) ATI atiumdag.dll library.
  • When BurnInTest crashes, it will not generate a "minidump" file. Minidumps will need to be sent to Microsoft as per the normal process. However, a log entry will be added to the normal BurnInTest log where possible.
  • Note: We have seen a report of the Video Playback failing (crash) due to a faulty video codec, ffdshow.ax. If you are using this we suggest you try a different test Video file and codec.
  • Changes to trace logging to reduce activity when trace logging is not turned on.
  • Corrected a bug where BurnInTest would fail to start if Activity trace level 2 logging (debug level logging) was turned on and the Logging Summarize option was also selected.
  • A hang on startup has been corrected. A 2 minute timeout has been added to the collection of system information.
  • Video playback, Hard disk and CD/DVD test 'no operations' error reporting changed.
  • Changed the 2D test to wait for the Video Playback test in order to allow memory allocation for the Video playback test.
  • Changed the Memory test to wait for the Video Playback test and 3D test to allow memory allocation for these tests.
  • Minor correction to the Butterfly seek test.
  • Minor change to the serial port test where, if "Disable RTS/CTS and DSR/DTR test phase" was selected the DTR and RTS lines would be explicitly disabled to prevent any toggling of these lines. Previously these where enabled, but not explicitly toggled.

Release 5.3 build 1026, 17/July/2008

  • Corrected a Disk test bug where on rare occasions a verification error is incorrectly displayed. This is during the random seeking phase of the "Random data with random seeking" test mode and only occurs with some specific test settings.
  • Updated Level 2 and Level 3 CPU cache information for newer Intel CPU's.
  • Updated the detection of Hyperthreading and the number of logical CPUs for a new Intel CPU.
  • Workaround for the rare crash bug in Vista in atklumdisp.dll at address 0x730676ae.
  • Added trace debug information for BurnInTest startup and the 3D test.

Release 5.3 build 1022, 12/June/2008

  • Corrected a bug where the 2D video memory test in BurnInTest v5.3.1020 and v5.3.1021 would report a "Not enough video memory available for test" error if the test was run a couple of times (without closing BurnInTest).
  • Other minor changes.

Release 5.3 build 1021, 5/June/2008

  • 32-bit BurnInTest PRO 5.3.1020 would not start on Windows 2000. This has been corrected.
  • Other minor changes.

Release 5.3 build 1020, 29/May/2008

  • BurnInTest could have crashed on accessing bad video memory hardware in the 2D test. This problem is now just reported as an error (and BurnInTest continues).
  • When BurnInTest stops working, it should now generate a "minidump" file to help debug which system component caused the problem (32-bit BurnInTest Pro only).
  • Other minor changes.

Release 5.3 build 1019, 16/May/2008

  • Corrected rare crash bugs in the 2D and Video tests.
  • Added a hot Key, F4, to set the auto run flag and run the tests (i.e. set"-r" and then run the tests).
  • Other minor changes.

Release 5.3 build 1018, 16/April/2008

  • Added an operation watchdog timer for all tests. In rare cases, a single test can stop in the operating system - i.e. there is a problem in the operating system/ device driver that prevents control being returned to the BurnInTest for that test. This was added for specialized serial port hardware that could lockup after several hours of testing.

Release 5.3 build 1017, 3/April/2008

  • Corrected the Advanced Network test to run on non-English Operating Systems.

Release 5.3 build 1016, 17/March/2008

  • Added additional USB 2.0 Loopback plug test initialization to ensure plugs are in a 'clean' state when starting the USB tests. This was added due to reported USB data verification errors after scripted USB testing across multiple reboots.

Release 5.3 build 1015, 27/February/2008

  • Increased error reporting detail for the standard RAM test, when the -v command line option is used.

Release 5.3 build 1014, 26/February/2008

  • Corrected a problem where the loopback sound test could run out of memory if run for several days.

Release 5.3 build 1013, 31/December/2007

  • Improved the reporting of COM port errors such that in the rare case a COM port locks up in the Operating System, the error is still reported.
  • Corrected a bug, where in rare cases, the result summary could be duplicated in a log file.
  • Updated license management, in an attempt to remove a rare crash on startup.

Release 5.3 build 1012 rev0002, 1/November/2007

  • New build of Rebooter (64-bit Windows correction).
  • Clarifications in the help file.

Release 5.3 build 1012, 17/October/2007

  • Changed the Standard Network Test, "Test all available NICs" such that the number of Network Addresses specified in Preferences->Network will be the number of NICs tested. This will error faulty NICs that are not detected by the BurnInTest auto NIC detection mechanism.
  • Minor change to the 2D memory test when run with the 3D test (multiple large windows) and the RAM test. Aimed at correcting sympton: Access Violation 0x00404CF9.
  • Corrections to the mapping of paths with

Release 5.3 build 1011 rev 0002, 20/September/2007

  • Modified the Multi-Process torture test to better describe a new error message introduced in V5.3.1010.

Release 5.3 build 1011, 11/September/2007

  • Corrected a bug where "Limited Evaluation Version" could be displayed even after BurnInTest is licensed (problem introduced in 32-bit BITPRO V5.3.1010).
  • Changed the Sound test to allow any of the tests (Wave, Midi or MP3) to be excluded from testing by blanking the filename.
  • The Command line parameter "-j", cycle disk test patterns after each test file, could fail during the Random data test due to the mechanism used in BurnInTest. The Random data test is now excluded from the test when (and only when) the "-j" command line parameter is specified.
  • In rare circumstances, the 2D test number of operations could potentially overflow and become negative. This has been corrected.
  • In rare circumstances, BurnInTest could hang if there was a system problem in rebooting the system (ie. it failed to shutdown) using PassMark Rebooter. This has been corrected.

Release 5.3 build 1010, 28/August/2007

  • As BurnInTest exercises system components, it is possible for faulty hardware or device drivers to cause software exceptions. These are normally seen as Windows reporting an "Access Violation". Changes have been made to handle these errors for the memory tests (for faulty RAM) and direct device driver access (for some device driver errors), as well as overarching more generic handling of these types of errors.
  • Corrected a software failure bug on startup (particularly Vista) where a DirectX function was causing software failures in "dsetup.dll".
  • Updated the "Activity Event" generated with the periodic results summary report to be numbered (from 1 upwards) such that when "Logging->Summarize" is specified, these activity events are not summarized.
  • Corrected a bug where the HTML log name could include a duplicate of the filename prefix.
  • Updated the Common Errors section of help.
  • Corrected a 'zip' version cleanup problem.

Release 5.3 build 1007, 7/August/2007

  • Standard Network Test changes:
    - Increased the number of destination IP addresses from 4 to 6.
    - Added an option "Test all available NICs", which will force traffic down every system NIC with a basic algorithm of NIC1 to IP Address 1, NIC2 to IP Address 2 etc.
  • Advanced Network test changes:
    - Simplified the test.
    - Removed the UDP and FTP options.
    - Removed the Advanced Network test specific logging, and included all relevant logging in the standard BurnInTest logging mechanism.
    - Replaced the complicated dynamic balancing of any system NIC to any Endpoint NIC with a simpler static allocation on test startup.
    - Changed the error detection mechanism to detect errors much more quickly.
    - Re-worked the errors reported.
    - Changed the CPU throttling mechanism to reduce the CPU load.
    - Updated endpoint.exe.
    - Removed checkend.exe (now obsolete).
  • Corrected a disk test startup problem for some large RAID systems when SMART testing is selected.
  • Added additional logging for the disk test when an error occurs.
  • Changed the 3D (windowed) test when run with the 2D EMC test to be 'behind' the EMC scrolling H's test. Allowed the test to be easily exited when running the 3D test in windowed fullscreen mode.
  • Corrected the "Unknown" reporting of some operating systems.
  • Added the skipping of the Butterfly seek disk test when run on Vista and insufficient privileges. A notification of this is logged.
  • Intel Quad core L2 cache size reporting has been added.
  • Added new SMART threshold descriptions.
  • Added new disk test options, accessed via command line parameters:
    /ka: keep disk test files in all cases (c.f. /k keep disk test files on error).
    /j: cycle patterns between test files. Note: Random seeking will be skipped in this case. This option has been added to allow multiple test patterns to be used across very large disks.
  • Correction to the behavior of a static RAM test pattern (rather than the default Cyclic pattern).
  • The "Select all CD/DVD drives" preferences option has been made user configurable, rather than using pre-defined test settings.
  • Bug correction for the CD auto selection feature.
  • Changed the log file reference of "Network Name" to "Computer Name".
  • Changed the logging rollover to work with the output of interim results (e.g. per 1 minute). Previously rollover only occurred on error events written to the log. This also prevents the delay of the interim results being written to the physical disk (due to Windows disk caching).

WIN64 specific:

  • MMX and 3DNow! are obsolete for native 64-bit applications. BurnInTest has been changed to show "NA" (Not applicable) in the test window for these tests.

Release 5.3 build 1005 rev 0001 Standard, 29/June/2007

  • Corrected a bug introduced in v5.3.1005.0000 STD (only) where the disk test
    would use up more and more system resources, causing the system to run out of resources (until BurnInTest was closed) and tests to fail.

Release 5.3 build 1005, 18/May/2007

  • In a number of cases, such as when specifying the post test application, uppercase application names were not accepted. This has been corrected.
  • The default font height in the 2D scrolling H's test should have been Arial 9. This has been changed.
  • The BurnInTest Video playback test incompatibility with Nero 6 and Nero 7 has been resolved.
  • When testing multiple disks with the BurnInTest disk test the throughput for dual core systems has been improved.
  • Changed the Standard Network Test to better report packet error ratios. In addition, a new warning has been added to indicate that errors have been detected but not enough packets have been attempted to be sent to determine accurately whether the configured error ratio has been exceeded.
  • Corrected a bug where the "append to existing" logging option did not work across scripted reboots, and a new log file was created instead of appending to the existing log file.
  • If the 3D test was running, then BurnInTest blocked a forced close of BurnInTest, this blocking has been removed.
  • Changed the PASS and FAIL windows so they can now also be closed by selecting the Windows Close "X" button.

Release 5.3 build 1004, 10/April/2007

New functionality:

  • Multi-monitor 2D, 3D and Video tests (BurnInTest Pro only) are now available. Test windows (2D, 3D and Video playback) can be started across multiple monitors (up to 4). The Window positioning and size can be specified.
  • The 3D test has been improved. The 3D ball test has been replaced with a more complex 3D terrain test. This will more thoroughly exercise modern graphics cards.
  • A new 2D GUI (Graphical User Interface) test has been added to the standard 2D graphics test to exercise common Windows controls.
  • The Video test has been changed to allow 4 video files to be specified (up from 3).
  • The video card description is now collected for a larger range of Vista systems.
  • When running the CD test under BartPE (Pre-install environment) 4 additional specific files are skipped as they are unavailable for testing.
  • On some systems, the Disk test could pause momentarily even when a duty cycle of 100% was specified. This pause has been removed.
  • A command line parameter -P has been added to allow the BurnInTest directory to be used rather than the User's personal directory. This may be useful when running BurnInTest from a USB drive for example.
  • A command line parameter -X has been added to skip the DirectX version checking on BurnInTest start-up.
  • A number of undocumented command line parameters have been documented:
    -B: BurnInTest will generate additional Serial port test information when activity trace level 2 logging is set.
    -E [data]: Specifies the test data to use in the serial port test.
    -M: Automatically display the Machine ID Window when BurnInTest is started.
    -U: Force BurnInTest to set logging on at startup.
  • A new version of rebooter has been included (supporting the /P command line parameter - see above).

Platform support changes:

  • Windows 98 and ME are no longer supported. Please see our website download page for an older version supporting Windows 98 and ME.

Bug corrections:

  • Corrected a problem introduced in BurnInTest v5.2 where BurnInTest could run out of memory (the main symptom) when tests where run for long periods (> 12hours).
  • Resolved an issue where BurnInTest would fail to start on Vista systems with DEP enabled for all programs.
  • Corrected a bug introduced in BurnInTest V5.2 where selecting accumulated logging could lead to rebooter failing to launch.
  • Corrected a bug where BurnInTest would fail to start on certain Vista systems.
  • Corrected a bug where some files (where the full path was not specified) would be incorrectly referenced in the Program Files directory, rather than the User's personal directory.
  • A change has been made to support Hmonitor temperature monitoring on Vista.
  • WIN64 specific: Corrected a bug where the number of cores reported on a Quad core system was incorrectly reported as CPU packages.

Release 5.2 build 1005, 21/February/2007

Windows Vista support:

  • Updated the reported Operating system for the various Vista product editions.
  • Reduced the need for elevated administrator privileges:
    • Changed the location of the disk test files from the root directory of the test volume to a BurnInTest data files subdirectory (e.g from "C:\" to "C:\BurnInTest test files\")
    • Moved many of the files from the Program Files directory to the User directory for Windows 2000, XP and Vista. When running BurnInTest on Windows 98, ME or from a key.dat file (e.g. from a USB drive with a licensed key.dat) BurnInTest will store these files in the BurnInTest program directory. Specifically, the following files have been moved from the Program Files directory to the User Personal directory, e.g. Vista - "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\PassMark\BurnInTest\" XP - "My Documents\PassMark\BurnInTest\"
      Files: Configuration file, Configuration load/save default directory, Save log file and image default directory, parallel port override "ioports.dat" directory, default command line script directory, log file directory, video file directory, Plugin directory, machine id file directory, Run as script default directory, CD burn image, Advanced network FTP temp files.
    • Moved files from the Program files directory for the Advanced Network Test (BurnInTest, EndPoint and CheckEnd). Specifically, the User Application directory is now used for the temporary test FTP files and the User Personal directory is now used for the log and configuration files.
  • Updated the Graphics card description for Windows Vista systems.
  • Updated the Advanced Network test to indicate that elevated administrator privileges are required when running on Vista.
  • Replaced the Help system with Browser based help.
  • Included a new version of PassMark Rebooter that supports Windows Vista.

Disk test improvements:

  • The Block size used in the disk test is now configurable per disk. The default block size has been increased from 16KB to 32KB.
  • Increased the number of disks that can be tested from 20 to 26.
  • Disk test settings can be configured for "Automatically Select all Hard Disks", rather than using defaults.

CD test improvements:

  • An option has been added to automatically detect all of the CD and DVD drives for the CD test (as per the disk test). This may be useful when testing across many systems with different optical drive configurations.
  • When running the CD test under BartPE (Pre-install environment) 4 specific files are skipped as they are unavailable for testing.

Other improvements:

  • Updated the cleanup process for when running the "zip" version of BurnInTest Professional from a CD or flash drive.
  • Changed the USB preferences and test to more completely check for the PassMark USB Loopback plugs and ignore any device that is not a PassMark USB Loopback plug (due to reported incorrect detection with another hardware device).
  • Updated BurnInTest to reflect that Temperature monitoring with Intel Desktop utilities is supported. Intel Desktop utilities essentially is a replacement for Intel Active Monitor for newer Intel motherboards.

Bug corrections:

  • Disk preferences displayed in the Preferences window could have been incorrect when the system had no Floppy drive.
  • The Advanced Network test results might not have been displayed until after entering the Duty Cycle selection (ie. just changing from the standard network test to the advanced test).
  • Temperature information could have been duplicated in the HTML report.
  • Certain 'save report' warning messages could have been truncated.
  • In rare cases in Disk preferences, invalid default values could be set for a disk, an invalid value error would occur and the values would need to be manually corrected.

Release 5.1 build 1014, 6/November/2006

  • Corrected a bug when running on Vista, where the Standard network test would report a checksum error when the transmitted data was correct.
  • The Parallel port test may now be used on Windows x64 Vista. Specifically, the PassMark device driver used for the parallel port test could not be loaded on 64-bit Windows Vista as it was not digitally signed. It is now digitally signed.
  • Corrected a bug where BurnInTest would not stop the tests based on the number of test cycles for the Plugin test or the Advanced Network test.
  • Changed the preferences Window to fit on an 800x600 resolution screen.
  • Made the "Could not set USB2Test mode" USB error message more specific by adding an error for insufficient system resources.
  • Corrected a minor bug in Activity level 2 trace logging with the 'hide duplicate' preference setting.
  • Corrected a minor memory leak if the 2D test failed to initialize (such as due to a DirectX problem).
  • Note: The USB 2.0 Loopback device driver V6.1.1 is now digitally signed and can be used on Vista.

Release 5.1 build 1013, 8/September/2006

  • The "Notes" section has been added to the Customer results certificate.
  • Some additional configuration parameter range validation has been added.

Release 5.1 build 1012, 15/August/2006

  • Corrected a false report of a "Unable to get disk volume extent information" for the disk butterfly seek test.
  • Advanced Network test changes for errors: "Corrupt header - packet discarded" and "Advanced Network test timed out"
  • Advanced Network test Endpoint changes for problems on non-English Operating Systems and systems with the Windows "Network Interface" performance statistics disabled.
  • SMART parameters on a Samsung Hard Disk caused BurnInTest to fail when running the disk test with SMART thresholds enabled. This has been corrected.
  • The 2D scrolling H's test could display corrupt characters on the second and subsequent test run. This has been corrected.
  • A problem with the Integer maths test where the results could display a negative number of operations has been resolved.
  • Minor improvements to the help file.
  • HTML help file added for Windows Vista and Longhorn Server.
  • Minor improvements to the Error Classification file (error descriptions).
  • Some CD Trace level 1 logging has been moved to trace level 2.
  • Trace level 1 logging has been added to the test closing software.
  • New build of Endpoint.exe (1.0 1010).

Release 5.1 build 1011, 7/July/2006

  • New Advanced Network test error reporting added in the previous build V5.1 1010 has been removed.
  • A broader range of USB 2.0 Loopback plugs can now be used with BurnInTest.

Release 5.1 build 1010, 4/July/2006

  • Corrected the HTML report description of the L2/L3 CPU cache when the L3 cache size could not be determined.

    Advanced network changes:

  • Endpoints ran at 100% CPU load as they contained no throttling. This impacted their ability to effectively handle multiple threads handling TCP/UDP messaging. Throttling has been added to the EndPoint side to reduce CPU load. This does not greatly impact Network load.
  • Throttling on the BurnInTest side contained a sleep that was not insignificant. This could have impacted the BurnInTest data test thread to to handle incoming TCP and particularly UDP messages. This sleep has been reduced and other throttling parameters changed to suit.
  • The Test statistics sent from the Endpoint to BurnInTest could fail if the statistics block is split across 2 lower level TCP send packets. This could lead to problems like incorrect reporting of Endpoint determined checksum errors, Endpoint load and load balancing. Further it would lead to an Endpoint test thread being put into an endless TCP send loop. This would eventually stop the Endpoint networking subsystem working as more and more of these test threads go into this state. This has been corrected.
  • Endpoint systems with x NICs (where x > 1), reported themselves as an Endpoint with x NICs, x times. Effectively registering with BurnInTest as x * x Endpoint NICS. This impacted the effectiveness of the load distribution to Endpoint NICs. An Endpoint system now only registers the once with BurnInTest.
  • The BurnInTest side did not report data verification Checksum errors in Full Duplex testing. This error determination has been corrected and reporting added.
  • The Data Received reported by BurnInTest was double counted. This has been corrected.

Release 5.1 build 1009, 23/June/2006

  • Plugin test error classifications were incorrect in the log file detailed description.
  • Changes to the collection of Disk drive information to to resolve a startup issue on Systems with a large number of physical drives (>10) and 'unusual' WMI namings.
  • Advanced Network test corrections.

Release 5.1 build 1005, 2/June/2006

  • Corrected a bug in the Advanced network test where the test would not recover from time-out errors. The test appears to be running, but the results are 0 and the number of connected End Points are 0. Also improved the retry on time-out mechanism.
  • Removed some duplication in error reporting in the Advanced Network test.
  • Changed the Advanced Network display of Utilization to ensure a maximum of 100% displayed.
  • Corrected an Advanced Network test bug where the number of Errors reported in the test window would not take into account the corrupt packet threshold, and an error would be added for each occurrence of the corrupt packet (rather than when the user set threshold was reached).
  • Corrected the default Advanced network corrupt packet threshold value.
  • Updated the data entry fields in the CD preferences when a different CD drive is selected.
  • The Advanced Network specific log files should be concatenated for a script run. This was only occurring for the first NIC under test. The concatenation will now occur for each NIC under test, when run from a script.
  • Corrected a bug where a log file name specified with no directory path could be incorrect.
  • Corrected a bug where the customer "Test Certificate" report incorrectly translated the "%" character from a customer specific HTML template. e.g.<table width="100%" border="0"> would be translated to <table width="100" border="0">.
  • The "Advanced Network test error" (215) has been removed and replaced with other existing error messages 214, 219, 220, 221 or 222.
  • Added the Customer name and Technician name to the text and HTMl reports. Previously, this information was only included in the "Test Certificate" report.
  • We have added a commandline option to specify the Serial port test data as a constant value. To specify specific data for the Serial port test you should specify e.g. "bit.exe /E 23" from the command line where 23 is in decimal and will be used for all test data (instead of random data). The vales should be between 0 and 255.
  • Added the COM port speed of 921600 Kbits/s for RS 422/RS485 testing.
  • Changed the CD test to ensure that the entire test CD data is not cached on systems with a large amount of RAM.
  • Added a -M command line option to display the Machine ID window automatically when BurnInTest starts.
  • Changed the 2D EMC scrolling H's test to work on multiple monitors were the resolution on each is different.
  • Changed log files such the syntax "..\<filename>" could be used for files in the directory up a level.
  • Minor correction to the advanced network test.
  • Note: build 1004 was not publicly released.

    Release 5.1 build 1003, 18/April/2006

    The following new features have been added:

  • Added a warning if a test thread completes with 0 cycles and 0 operations.
  • BurnInTest will now create the log file directory specified in the Logging Options if it does not exist.
  • Color coded errors based on severity in the Detailed event log Window and the HTML log file.
  • Added an option to summarize duplicate errors in the log file.
  • Added looping capability in scripting.
    LOOP n

    where n is the number of times to repeat the commands in the brackets.
  • Updated the reported Operating system descriptions, including: Windows Vista and Windows Server "Longhorn". Digitally signed the BurnInTest application to allow it to run under Windows Server "Longhorn". Note, previously only the installation package was digitally signed.
  • Added an option to use CTS (Clear To Send) flow control in the loop back stage of the COM port test.
  • Condensed the Advanced Network Test log files to one log file per IP address per script run, when run from a script.
  • Added an option to only create a log file when BurnIn actually runs a test as opposed to every time BurnIn is executed.
  • In the results summary html file, inserted more spacing between the “Notes” and “Detailed Event Log”.
  • Changed the Activity Trace file format to be the same as the log file, ie. text or HTML, rather than always text.
  • The 2D “Scrolling H’s” test will now display across multiple screens/displays i.e. all active displays.
  • A threshold has been added for the “corrupt header – packet discarded” event in the advanced network options so that a “Fail” is not produced when that is the only thing that produces errors.
  • The Advanced Network Corrupt threshold packet has been changed to produce an error every time the error is received after the threshold is reached.
  • Split the "Network, Advanced Network test error" error into 6 errors: "Network, Advanced Network test error", "Advanced Network Socket error", "Advanced Network Send error", "Advanced Network Send error - no data sent", "Advanced Network Receive error", "Advanced Network Receive error - no data received". Added either activity trace 1 or trace 2 logging for each of the errors, with additional information where available.
  • Added additional Serial port activity trace 2 logging. Including the logging of all transmit buffer data when the /B command line is used.
  • Changes to the SMART attribute logging to support a greater range of Disk drive device drivers. Added additional Activity Level 2 trace logging.
  • Help file updates (particularly for the Advanced network test).
  • Bundled a new version of rebooter.
  • Corrections have been made to the translation of V4.0 to V5 configuration files.
    Note: Configuration files in V5.x builds prior to V5.1 1002 could become corrupted if a V4.0 configuration file is loaded.
  • Corrected a bug where the main Window size and location were not restored on restarting BurnInTest.
  • Corrected a bug where the CPU L3 cache could be reported as -1.
  • Corrected a bug where the Advanced network information was not displayed on the main window when it was run from a script.
  • Corrected the reporting of "Network, Packet discarded due to corrupt header" as a Network test error.
  • Corrected a bug where a new log file was not created if (only) the log prefix changed during the running of a script file.
  • Corrected a bug where PASS could be displayed if the Advanced Network test was the only test running, but it failed.

Release 5.0 build 1001, 9/March/2006

  • Corrected a bug where Network directory paths were not accepted, eg. for the log file name and post test application file name.
  • The CPU maths test has been improved to better load up all CPU's. Previously BurnInTest started a maths test thread per physical CPU package. BurnInTest has been changed to start a maths test thread per CPU (= num. physical CPU packages x num. CPU cores x num. logical CPUs).
  • The CPU preferences have been changed to allow the CPU maths test to be locked to any CPU (ie. select a CPU from a list of CPU's where the number of CPU's = num. physical CPU packages x num. CPU cores x num. logical CPUs).
  • The Parallel and Serial port error messages have been modified in the case where a test plug may not have been connected to indicate that the user should check this.

Version 5.0 build 1000, 24/February/2006 - MAJOR RELEASE


BurnInTest Standard and Professional versions:

  • Added a customer style results certificate. This will save test results in a HTML report for an end customer. This report style can be tailored by the user (through changing an HTML template).
  • An MP3 playback test has been added to the Sound test.
  • A color printer test has been added.
  • Added new post test actions to allow (i) the results to be printed automatically at the end of a test, (ii) automatic actions when a test run is manually stopped and (iii) to allow the result window to be displayed in all cases (except on Reboot).
  • Added new pre test actions to allow an external application to be run and have BIT wait for the application to exit. On continuing, BIT will run a subscript file if it has been created. A subscript file is like a BurnInTest script file that only supports a subset of BurnInTest scripting commands. It allows BurnInTest configuration changes to be made as pre-test actions, such as setting the system serial number in BurnInTest.
  • Changed the manual Stop button so that is aborts the running of a script (and not just the current test).
  • The Memory test pattern can now be specified by the user.

BurnInTest Professional specific:

  • Added a "Plugin" test that allows users to develop their own BurnInTest test modules for specialized hardware. Three external Plugins may be specified at once. Tests may be specified as pretest Plugins, such that tests that require manual intervention (e.g. testing the keys on a Keyboard) can be tested before the main set of automated tests.
  • A modem test has been added to BurnInTest as a Plugin. PassMark's ModemTest Version V1.3 (latest build) is required.
  • A keyboard test has been added to BurnInTest as a Plugin. PassMark's KeyboardTest Version V2.2 (latest build) is required.
  • A Firewire Test has been added to BurnInTest as a Plugin. PassMark's free Firewire Plugin is required and a "Kanguru FireFlash" drive is required.
  • A new advanced network test has been added.
  • Improved support for testing USB ports that have bus corruption. Testing with the USB 2.0 Loopback plug has been improved. When used with USB 2.0 Loopback device driver V2.0.1002, error details will now be reported for:
    • CRC error reported by USB Host controller,
    • BIT STUFF error reported by USB Host controller,
    • DATA TOGGLE MISMATCH error reported by USB Host controller
    • STALL PID error reported by USB Host controller
    • DEVICE NOT RESPONDING error reported by USB Host controller
    • PID CHECK FAILURE error reported by USB Host controller
    • UNEXPECTED PID error reported by USB Host controller
    • DATA OVERRUN error reported by USB Host controller
    • DATA UNDERRUN error reported by USB Host controller
    • BUFFER OVERRUN error reported by USB Host controller
    • BUFFER UNDERRUN error reported by USB Host controller
    • NOT ACCESSED error reported by USB Host controller
    • FIFO error reported by USB Host controller
    • TRANSACTION (XACT) ERROR reported by USB Host controller
    • BABBLE DETECTED error reported by USB Host controller
    • DATA BUFFER ERROR reported by USB Host controller
      In the case of these errors, BurnInTest will re-attempt the operation. The user can set the error reporting to be skipped for the initial recovery attempt.


  • Added automatic configuration of the disk test, such that when the disk test is started, the disk drives to be tested and their settings will be configured on all available disks (excluding CD/DVD). This can be useful when testing multiple systems with different hard disk drive letters.
  • Main window position restored. The position and size of the Main window is now stored on exiting BurnInTest. On starting BurnInTest, the position of the main window is restored.
  • Configuration file may be dragged and dropped. The Configuration file may now be "dragged & dropped" directly on to the BurnInTest program icon.
  • Increased disk test coverage. The disk test now allows testing of 99.5% to 100% of a disk, instead of 94%, for disks that do not contain the Windows system directory and do not contain a swap file.
  • By popular demand, we have added the ability to log interim results, which may be useful for unstable systems that fail mid test.
  • AMD and Intel Dual core reporting added.
  • New L2 CPU cache sizes added to reports.
  • CPU support for SSE3, DEP and PAE added to reports.
  • Shortcut of "F1" for contextual help added to all Windows.
  • Improved the flexibility in specifying the EXECUTEWAIT scripting command for the PassMark "Sleeper" software.
  • Added the hard disk and optical drive model information to the log files.
  • The 2D and 3D tests have been updated to use DirectX 9.0c.
  • The user interface has been updated.
  • The HTML report format has been improved (and is now consistent with PassMark's PerformanceTest software).
  • The BurnInTest configuration file extension has been renamed from .cfg to use .bitcfg, to ensure the configuration file is associated with BurnInTest.
  • To allow small test files with very large disks, the minimum disk test file size has been reduced from 0.1% to 0.01% of the disk space.
  • Log events were previously shown as "INFORMATION" if they were low level errors, or simply additional information (not errors). "INFORMATION" now refers to a low level error, and "LOG NOTE" now refers to additional information (that is not in the error count).
  • The specific detail of the Serial Port errors detected has been improved. BurnInTest now reports framing errors, buffer overrun errors, input buffer overflow errors, parity errors and transmit buffer full errors as specific error messages (rather than a broader error description).
  • Added the /k command line so the user can specify not to delete hard disk drive test files if an error occurs.
  • A new version of the Rebooter program has been bundled with the installation package..
  • Improved the Serial port error logging (displaying baud rate) and increased Activity trace level 1 error logging (displaying erroneous data).
  • Modified the Window sizes to help improve navigation on smaller displays (i.e. 640x480).
  • The CPU load for the Standard and Torture RAM tests has been made more linear with the duty cycle setting. Note: This means that compared to the previous build of BurnInTest, less RAM test operations will be run per second (when the duty cycle is less than 100).
  • Additional debug code and very minor changes in the Loopback sound test have been made.
  • An error message indicating that accumulated log files are not supported when run from CD or DVD has been added.
  • The Post test option of "Run external application and exit" has been modified such that if no external file is specified, this Post test option will just exit BurnInTest.
  • Allowed the full range of PassMark USB1 loopback plugs to be used with BurnInTest Professional.
  • Increased Activity trace level 1 error logging for Serial port testing.
  • Added additional Activity Trace level 2 logging.
  • The delay inserted between packets in the USB2 test, when the duty cycle is less than 50, has been changed from at least 1ms to at least 1ms to 50ms (for a Duty Cycle of 49 down to 0).
  • The subscript commands to configure BurnInTest from an external application (i.e. specified in the bit-script-input.txt file and run by specifying either a pretest or EXECUTEWAIT application) has been changed to allow "LOAD" commands (in addition to "SET" scripting commands).
  • Renamed the "Error" log to "Event" log.
  • Changed the order of the items in an Event log line, such that the Severity is the first item.
  • The EXECUTEWAIT script command has been modified such that the external application may provide an input script file (of SET... commands) to be run after the EXECUTEWAIT application closes. This allows external applications to define test environment parameters (such as the serial number and machine type).
  • Added scripting commands:
    • SETSERIAL "1234-shdfgdhs-GHGHG"
    • SETNOTES "Test notes defined by the external application."
    • SETLOG "\Program Files\Plugin\plugin_log"
    • SETPLUGIN "\Program Files\Plugin\plugin.exe"
  • Added POST TEST application parameter substitution to allow values to be passed to an external application at the end of a test. These are:
    • $RESULT - "PASS" or "FAIL" will be substituted.
    • $SERIAL - The serial number will be substituted.
    • $MACHINETYPE - The machine type will be substituted.
    • $NOTES - The notes will be substituted.
  • Added extra logging for memory allocation errors in the disk test
  • Added "log bad sector increase" and "bad sector threshold" options to disk test. This resulted in a change to the configuration file format and required additional code to automatically convert from old formats.
  • Modified the user interface in the preferences window for the disk test and the CD test
  • Improved the handling of USB 2.0 loopback plugs recovery from sleep states.


  • Corrected a bug where the System and Application events logged in the BurnInTest Trace logs were wrong if the event log had reached its maximum size.
  • Checks that the Sound test files (WAV and MIDI) exist have been added.
  • The continuous auto updating of the USB image (USB Loopback plug vs. USB 2.0 Loopback plug) on the main window has been removed. This is now updated on BIT startup, selecting Refresh in USB preferences or on starting a test. If there is a serious USB system problem, this (together with the USB 2.0 Loopback device driver, V2.0.1002) will avoid the possibility of BurnInTest locking up.
  • Corrected a bug with the Butterfly seek mode of the Disk test. This was found to occur with FAT32 disks where the Cylinder size was relatively small and the Sector size relatively large.
  • Reset Defaults on the Configuration Page now resets the Auto Stop Value.
  • Reset Defaults on the Configuration Page now resets the color indicators.
  • The CD test has been modified to skip invalid files either with "?"'s , to avoid reporting errors that are due to the CD test media filenames (being in non-English characters on the English version of Windows).
  • The Network test results window scroll bar has been corrected.
  • The Memory torture test could fail on some systems with a small amount of RAM and relatively high memory fragmentation. This has been corrected.
  • Scripting correction for .cmd files.
  • Corrected a bug that caused problems when running the disk test with SMART monitoring turned on. This problem only occurs on a small number of HDD's.
  • Corrected memory leaks
  • On occasion, the measured waveform from the loopback sound test may have been slightly altered on starting or stopping all tests, possibly enough to trigger an error. This has been resolved.
  • If an error occurred in the final second of a test, the error may have been logged but not included in the big PASS/FAIL results window. This has been corrected.
  • After running a script file that loaded a configuration file, that had a full path specified, the Save and Load configuration menu options no longer worked. This has been corrected.
  • Previously, the Version of BurnInTest was only written in the First log file after starting BurnInTest. This log line is now written in all log files.
  • For USB2 tests that have read or write failures, the Windows error codes are now included in the level 2 Activity trace log.
  • Command line parameters may now be passed to a PreTest application.
  • Log files may now use a single static filename. This may be useful when the log file is to be parsed by an external program.
  • Corrected a bug where the Plugin test would stop prematurely.
  • Corrected the specification of the Scripting EXECUTEWAIT filename.
  • Changed Script processing such that a script is aborted if a scripting error is encountered and Stop on error is selected.
  • Added an indication on the main window that a script is currently running ("Script currently running").
  • Corrected the serial port test to identify non-existing plugs when the Disable RTS/CTS and DSR/DTR testing has been selected.
  • Added BIT version number to the ASCII log file.
  • Fixed a bug with the 3D Test that was causing it to stop before the autostop timer period
  • Changed an error in the tape drive test to a warning if tape drive doesn't support setting drive parameters.

Release 4.0 build 1032, 23/November/2005

  • Corrected a rare licensing problem that prevented BurnInTest from starting.
    Added the script command to set the duty cycle for the video test, e.g SETDUTYCYCLE VIDEO 100

Release 4.0 build 1031, 12/September/2005

  • Corrected a bug where the maths test could have caused undefined behaviour (such as closing), on systems with 8 or more physical CPUs (= #CPU packages x #CPU cores).
  • Updated the version of "rebooter".

Release 4.0 build 1030, 4/July/2005
Release 4.0 build 1029, 1/July/2005

  • Corrected a bug with serial port test displaying PASS when an error is reported. This only occurs if the serial port test encounters an error between the time the test has been flagged to stop by the automatic stop timer and when it does stop (up to a couple of seconds), and there is only one error reported.

Release 4.0 build 1028, 7/June/2005

  • Corrected a bug with the Loopback test mode of the Sound test. If this test was started, and then stopped before it had fully started (within a couple of seconds), in some circumstances BurnInTest may have just exited.

Release 4.0 build 1027, 25/May/2005

  • Corrected a bug with the Parallel port test, under Windows 98, where the manually configured parallel port address from the IOPorts.dat file is not used (and the test fails indicating the port does not exist). This only occurs if the BurnInTest Parallel port detection mechanism can not detect any Parallel ports (rare).

Release 4.0 build 1025, 19/May/2005

  • Corrected a bug with the Butterfly seek mode of the Disk test. This was found to occur with FAT32 disks where the Cylinder size was relatively small and the Sector size relatively large.

Release 4.0 build 1024, 22/February/2005

  • Logged CPU features have been updated to include new Intel CPU Level 2 cache codes (sizes). For example, for Extreme Edition CPU's.
  • Corrected a bug where Serial number, Machine type and Notes were not displayed in the log file after exiting and restarting BurnInTest.
  • Corrected a bug where the Memory torture test could fail on some systems with a small amount of RAM and relatively high memory fragmentation.

Release 4.0 build 1023, 22/December/2004

  • Corrected a bug that caused problems when running the disk test with SMART monitoring turned on. This problem only occurs on a small number of HDD's.

Release 4.0 build 1022, 20/December/2004

  • Corrected a memory leak related to Temperature monitoring and the HDD butterfly seek test. This may lead to a system running out of memory after approximately 8 to 48 of continual testing.

Release 4.0 build 1021, 14/December/2004

  • Corrected a memory leak that would lead to "Disk, not enough memory for buffer" type errors after many hours of continual testing.
  • Corrected the serial port test to identify non-existing plugs when the Disable RTS/CTS and DSR/DTR testing has been selected.

Release 4.0 build 1020, 2/December/2004

  • Allowed the full range of PassMark USB1 loopback plugs to be used with BurnInTest Professional.

Release 4.0 build 1019, 20/September/2004

  • Corrected strange error results reported by a user (related to copy protection).

Release 4.0 build 1018, 13/September/2004

  • Improved the error handling of the CD test when BurnInTest is run from the CD under test.
  • Increased logging for Butterfly disk seeking errors.

Release 4.0 build 1017, 7/September/2004.

  • Improved the error handling of the CD test when BurnInTest is run from the CD under test.
  • Corrected a bug when removing serial ports in preferences.

Release 4.0 build 1015, 24/June/2004.

  • Changes to the USB 2 test, particularly increased activity trace level 2 logging.
  • Corrected some of the preferences boundary values, like 0.1 for disk file size.
  • When the command line options /R (start test without message) and /S (specify a script file) were used together, the /S was ignored. This has been corrected.
  • When a script file is specified with the /S <filename> command line parameter, and no path was specified with <filename>, this would fail. This has been corrected to default to the bit.exe directory when no path is specified.
  • When a LOAD <configuration filename> is used within a script file to load a new configuration during the execution of the script, if no path was specified with <configuration filename>, this would fail under certain circumstances. This has been corrected to default to the bit.exe directory when no path is specified.

Release 4.0 build 1014, 24/May/2004.

  • When "Action on Error" is set to "Auto-Stop tests", "Action after Auto-Stop" (passed or failed) is set to "Stop Tests" an executing script will now be stopped (rather than stopping just the current test).
  • USB testing using the PassMark USB 2.0 loopback plug has been modified such that specifying a duty cycle of less than 50 will insert a short delay between each packet. This has been added to allow the simultaneous load to be reduced to help determine USB chipset and/or BIOS limitations when under very high load.

Release 4.0 build 1013, 29/April/2004.

  • Number of Serial ports that can be tested increased from 12 to 64 (PRO version only).
  • BurnInTest is distributed with a default test configuration file. The existence of default drives is now checked and non-existent drives removed from the test list.

Version 4.0 build 1012, 16/April/2004.

  • Total physical memory size was incorrectly reported on some PC's with greater than 2GB of physical memory installed. This has been corrected.
  • Added reporting of Intel CPU Level 3 cache size.

Version 4.0 build 1011, 1/April/2004.

  • Minor changes of the USB Loopback test. These relate to the upgrade of the USB Loopback plug (blue plug) device drivers to V2.0.0.0. Improvements have also been made with the error handling after a USB loopback plug is disconnected during a test.
    Note: It is recommended that V4.0 build 1011 or above of BurnInTest be used with V2.0.0.0 of the USB loopback plug device drivers.

Version 4.0 build 1010, 18/March/2004.

  • Change to allow the registration of a valid username/key even when the system clock setting is incorrect.
  • Correction to resizing of the Log Details window.
  • Correction to reported error count for the random seeking test mode of the disk test. Increased activity level 2 tracing for the random seek test mode.

Version 4.0 build 1009, 25/February/2004

  • Rare USB2.0 loopback test bug corrected.

Version 4.0 build 1008, 23/February/2004

  • The disk drive Butterfly seeking test mode requires the disk device driver to support the control code for supplying DISK_GEOMETRY_EX information. Some disks do not support this control code and the older control code is now also attempted. If both fail, a new error message is displayed indicating that the Butterfly test is not supported by this disk drive. This replaces the error "Unable to get disk geometry". This 'INFORMATION' level error may be ignored by editing the BITClassification.txt file.

Version 4.0 build 1007, 18/February/2004

  • Corrected a bug where an old version of sensorDLL.dll on some Intel Motherboard PC's would crash BurnInTest on startup.
  • Changed the number of 2D graphics operations per cycle to 20% of previous the previous value.
  • Changed the number of Parallel port operations per cycle to 60% of previous the previous value.
  • Corrected a bug that only allowed 19 hard disks to be tested, instead of 20.

Version 4.0 build 1006, 6/February/2004

  • Text of Log Clearing options in Logging preferences changed to better reflect functionality. Option added: Clear test results and create new log.
  • Improved the USB test error handling such that when a USB loopback plug or a USB 2.0 loopback plug is unplugged and re-plugged during a test, automatic device detection is attempted and allows the test to continue when possible.
  • Stop button removed from being on top of the EMC Video Display Unit test.

Version 4.0 build 1005, 20/January/2003

  • Splash screen image of the Standard ed. of BurnInTest corrected (indicated PRO).
  • Number of logical processors (Hyperthreading) now displayed in log files.

Version 4.0 build 1004, 8/January/2004 - MAJOR RELEASE


A large number of the tests have been improved to be more comprehensive or convenient to use. These are:

  • CD-RW burn test added with Quick/Full format, 650/700MB and random seek options.
  • USB 2.0 HighSpeed (480Mb/s) testing supported with PassMark's USB 2.0 Loopback plug.
  • Looped Video playback test introduced, to detect codec support, playback errors and dropped frames.
  • New disk test modes including random data tests with random seeking and butterfly seeking to more thoroughly exercise disk drives. The disk duty cycle may now be set per disk (with an override feature).
  • New CD/DVD test modes including random data tests with random seeking.
  • Maths/CPU test now supports test threads per CPU & CPU duty cycles scaling more consistent with CPU utilization.
  • MMX test now supports CPU duty cycles scaling more consistent with CPU utilization.
  • Parallel Port test changed to allow automatic detection of non-sequential LPT port numbers and non-standard IO addresses. In Windows 2000 and above, automatic support of add-on Parallel ports (eg. using PCI cards) is also provided. Retries have been added to the locking of the Parallel port.
  • Serial port test now includes baud rate cycling.
  • Sound test now reports a greater range and detail of test error conditions.
  • 2D test now reports a greater range and detail of test error conditions. A new 2D test option to skip 2D frame errors has been added.


  • The main BurnInTest errors are now categorized into, None, Information, Warning, Serious and Critical. The error text and this classification may be changed to better suit the customers test environment. Certain errors may now be configured to be ignored as errors.
  • Periodic disk Logging has been replaced with a more comprehensive and flexible set of reporting/logging features. This includes:
    o User selectable reporting level (4 levels from summary to almost code debug).
    o Errors are now written in real time (as opposed to every x minutes).
    o Advanced log file naming now allows log files to be automatically prefixed with user defined text or certain environment variables.
    o Additional information added to the reports, such as, a PASS/FAIL column per test and a summary of serious and critical errors per test or script run.
  • Scripting is now more comprehensive. This includes:
    o Introduced new scripting commands, EXECUTE & EXECUTEWAIT, to allow external applications to be started from a BurnInTest script.
    o Introduced new scripting commands, REBOOT & REBOOTEND, to allow reboots of the PC to be included into scripts.
    o Introduced new scripting command, LOG, to generate a user text message in the log history, to aid log interpretation.
    o Modification of scripting to display PASS/FAIL at the completion of the script.
    o Scripted testing may now be run from the command line.
    o Added a PASS/FAIL message to log files for script runs.
  • Added automatic stop based on all tests reaching a user defined number of test cycles. Added a new scripting command, SETCYCLES, to also support this from a script.
  • Support for additional 3rd party temperature monitoring software applications. Intel Active Monitor, Mother Board Monitor (MBM) and SpeedFan.
  • Extra command line options to position the main window and set the test duration.
  • Improved the error reporting for disk and CD tests when there are insufficient system resources.
  • A number of User interface improvements have been made: such as complete new look main window, consistency of style across test windows, updated progress bars UI color changes, large stop button always on top, disk drive volume labels displayed,


  • Start time, test duration, stop time and Temperature results (eg. Minimum and Maximum) now accumulated across multiple tests (when accumulate logs specified).
  • Fixed a bug with network test preferences tab preventing very small values being entered for the bad packet ratio.
  • Correction of a bug where the failure to initialize DirectDraw would lead to incorrect behavior.
  • AWE memory test progress bar changes for greater than 4GB memory.
  • Corrected a bug that appeared when disk or CD tests were run with multiple disks, followed by removing a disk in preferences, the previous results were mapped to the incorrect drive.
  • With a large number of tests, the bottom of the main window was overwritten on the starting of tests. This has been corrected.
  • Corrected a bug where the disk test may display a negative speed very briefly at the start of the test.
  • Corrected Preferences mouse over text.
  • Corrected a bug where the USB port name was not correctly shown as "NA" when the USB1 device drivers were not installed.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented a scripted SLEEP after a floppy disk was tested.


Version 3.2 build 1000 Std &Pro edition, 5/May/2003

  • The video card description and screen resolution are included in the exported results.
  • Fixed up problem with the display of the CPU serial number for PIII machines.
  • Fixed up bug in default configuration file which prevented additional drives being displayed until the duty cycle window had been used.
  • Fixed bug with icon for 3D graphics test.
  • Updated CPU detection routine for correct detection of L2 cache in new CPUs.
  • Fixed bug in disk test. For multiple disks with a low duty cycle, only the first disk test was sleeping for the correct amount of time.
  • Added two new options in the 2D Graphics test which enable direct writing, reading and verifying of video memory. Local graphics adapter memory only, or all video memory can be tested. (Pro version only)
  • Added checking of SMART disk parameters and option of logging SMART details such as power on hours, drive temperature, drive serial number and model number.
  • Added additional error codes for the parallel port test

Version 3.1 build 1005 Pro edition, 21/Feb/2003

  • Extra CD drive detection option for basic testing without a disc in the CD/DVD drive.
  • Added detection only test for serial and parallel ports for when loopback plugs are not available.
  • Minor bug fix to correct a problem stopping the final log file being written in some cases.

Version 3.1 build 1002 Std & Pro edition, 27/Jan/2003

  • Major Bug fix. Under very high load a memory management fault can suddenly close down BurnInTest.
  • Minor Bug fix. Default configuration contained wrong path for midi and wave sound files. Preventing the sound from working.
  • If hardware acceleration was not available for the DirectX 3D test, this produced and error. Now it is just a warning.
  • Minor Bug fix. Corrected memory torture test error message formatting problem.

Version 3.1 build 1000 Std & Pro edition, 13/Jan/2003

  • New parallel port device driver was implemented in order to block the Windows XP operating system and other processes simultaneously accessing the parallel port and causing corruption. (Previous work around solution was removed from the code).
  • New mode in Audio test which allows loopback testing with the use of an audio loopback cable.
  • DirectX test now uses DirectX 8 rather than the older DirectX 3. This should give much better compatibility with new video cards but stops BurnInTest working on Windows NT and Windows 95.
  • Auto-stop timer was changed from a integer to a floating point number in order to allow very short tests. (0.5min = 30sec)
  • There is an extra option in the preferences window to turn off the startup window or select an external file to run before the start of testing.
  • The CD / External drive auto-play feature in Windows is disabled, when BurnInTest is the active application.
  • Some blue screen errors (like disk corruption) and the Windows Abort / Retry / Ignore error window are now captured by BurnIntest and reported as errors.
  • Disk transfer rates are now reported in the disk test window
  • There is now an option in the preferences window to report an error on low disk transfer rates.
  • The disk and CD preferences have been seperated onto two different tabs in the preferences window.
  • It is now possible to set the USB transmission timeout value from the preferences window.
  • Basic test scripting from text files has been introduced. See the help file for details.
  • Bug fix. Cycle count for serial test was often reported as being 1 cycle too high
  • Improvement in reporting of errors for standard RAM test
  • There is now an option to include a cover page for each job send to the printer.
  • The standard printer test now draws a rectangle around the very edge of the printable section of the page.
  • Workaround implemented for Windows virtual memory fragmentation problem when using standard memory test & large amount of physical RAM. (>1GB). Advanced test should be used when possible however.

Version 3.0 build 1007 Pro edition, 23/July/2002

  • Auto-stop timer was changed from a integer to a floating point number in order to allow very short tests. (e.g. 0.5min = 30sec)
  • Bug fix in the parallel test. It was reporting errors 100% of the time (this was a new bug introduced in build 1005)

Version 3.0 build 1005 Std & Pro edition, 12/July/2002

  • Memory Torture Test was introduced (Pro version only)
  • New option to disable the signal pin checking for serial ports and increase the timeout before flagging an error.
  • Bug correction for auto-reboot in Test Passed case. (BurnInTest should have rebooted but didn't)
  • Bug correction for printing problem in Windows 98.

Version 3.0 build 1002 Std & Pro edition, 30/May/2002

  • USB loopback testing. (PassMark USB loopback plugs are required to use this function)
  • New advanced memory test allowing RAM testing beyond the 4GB barrier in Windows 2000 and XP
  • New updated look to the user interface of the main window
  • Bug fix to save as bitmap function
  • Ability to test printers using a raw printer command file
  • The machine name is now displayed in the main window
  • Basic sound testing with Midi and wave playback
  • Testing of up to 20 hard and floppy disks simultaneously.
  • Combining of the floppy disk and hard disk test
  • User friendly drive letter selection for CD/DVD and disk test
  • User controllable pattern selection for disk testing
  • User controllable file size for disk testing
  • CD / DVD testing using specialized test CD/DVDs
  • Testing of up to 20 CD/DVD drives simultaneously.
  • Windows shutdown and cyclic reboot testing. (and the release of Rebooter to complement this function)
  • Scrolling 'H's for Electromagnetic Compliance Testing to ANSI standard C63.4-1992
  • Improved logging, with detailed logs and log file accumulation across reboots.
  • The network test can now generate an alarm, when an threshold is crossed, rather than per packet.

Version 2.3 Build 1006 Std & Pro edition, 4/Mar/2002

  • Fixed a bug in the RAM test allocating the wrong about of RAM with machines with > 429MB of RAM.
  • Fix a bug in the disk test. The test would not function correctly on disks > 200GB
  • Optimised RAM test to increase test speed
  • Added extra error checking on incoming network test packets

Version 2.3 Build 1000 Std & Pro edition, 29/Oct/2001

  • Support for Windows XP
  • Support for LPT3 (a 3rd parallel port)

Version 2.2 Build 1006 Std & Pro edition, 21/Sept/2001

  • A floppy disk drive letter is no longer mandatory in the Preferences window
  • BatteryMon and BurnInTest integration. BurnInTest can now log battery charge statistics from PassMark BatteryMon
  • Bug fix to CPU type detection. Some early model Pentium II 300Mhz were reported as being Celerons.

Version 2.2 Build 1005 Std & Pro editions, 25/July/2001

  • Fixed bug that caused PASSED to be displayed even if there was an error in the network test.
  • Added option to call external executable file when tests have completed. (see timer preferences).

Version 2.2 Build 1004 Pro edition, 22/June/2001

  • Fixed counter display bug in SSE Multiply test.
  • Added Tape and Tape Media information windows.
  • Changed tape test block size to 64KB or maximum drive will allow if 64KB is too large (this improves tape throughput).
  • Changed tape test to skip free space check on tape drives that can't report free space.
  • New tape test option to use or not use filemarks.

Version 2.2 Build 1003 Std & Pro editions, 26/May/2001

  • Update to make BurnInTest work with latest version of HMonitor temperature monitoring software (V4.0.1).

Version 2.2 Build 1002 Std & Pro editions, 7/Apr/2001

  • Less aggressive memory grabbing.
  • Serial port timeouts can now be set by the user in the preferences window.
  • Extra logging info for memory allocations and serial port errors in errorlog.txt file.

Version 2.2 Build 1001 Std & Pro editions, 10/Feb/2001

  • Fixed a bug in the disk test that caused a memory leak (eventually crashing BurnInTest).
  • Added an option to skip the tape locking step in the tape drive test. (Pro version only).

Version 2.2 Build 1000 Std & Pro editions, 1/Feb/2001

  • Improved error logging to "ErrorLog.txt" file for some tests.
  • Multiple disks can now be tested simultaneously.
  • Multiple serial ports can now be tested simultaneously (Pro version).
  • Tape drives can now be tested. (Pro version with NT and 2000 only).
  • Multiple network addresses can now be tested simultaneously.
  • CPU selection is now possible. Tests can now be restricted to run on a single CPU in multi CPU machines. (Pro version)
  • Support for WindowsME.
  • Support for detection of Pentium4 and Duron CPUs.
  • Detection of CPU serial number if available in CPU. The serial# is included in log files.
  • Addition of SSE 128Bit and 3DNow! maths tests.
  • The preferences window was redone with multiple tabs and more options.
  • A new feature was added to the CD test, allowing data CDs or Music CDs to be used.
  • The RAM and Disk tests were improved by the addition of several test patterns. For each cycle a new test pattern is selected.
  • It is now possible to set a timeout period for the network test.

Version 2.1 Pro - 30/Oct/2000

  • 'Pro' version first released.

Version 2.1 (Build 1001) - 30/Aug/2000

  • Bug fix with keeping selected Log format between runs of BurnInTest.
  • Bug fix with handling an unformatted floppy disk.
  • Bug fix causing multiple PASSED/FAILED windows, when tests take a long time to clean up.
  • Bug fix with network test to avoid blocking on some error conditions.
  • Better window refresh rate in Network test window to avoid flashing.

Version 2.1 (Build 1000) - 27/Aug/2000

  • BurnInTest was split into a standard version and a professional version. The professional version was the same as the standard version except that parallel and serial loop back tests are added.
  • A new command line parameter was added, /r. This starts tests running automatically on startup.
  • A new parallel port loop back test was added. (an additional external plug and the Pro version of the software are required for this test).
  • A new serial port loop back test was added. (an additional external plug and the Pro version of the software are required for this test).
  • New Pentium III CPU’s are now identified.
  • The "test failed" window is now displayed at the autostop time if an error occurred. Previously the "test failed" window would only be displayed if the "Stop on Error" check box was set.
  • A new option to have multiple log files with Date and time stamping in the file name has been included.
  • Machine type and serial numbers can now be entered into a new dialog box. (so an audit trail can be maintained). The information entered is stored in log files and displayed in the main window.
  • Results can be saved as text and HTML format from the Save as Log menu.

Version 2.0 - 20/April/2000

  • A large green flashing "PASSED" window now pops up when the test period ends and there were no errors.
  • A large red flashing "FAILED" window now pops up when the test period ends and there was an error. If BurnInTest is set to stop on errors, then the message will be displayed when the first error is encountered.
  • A date and time stamp and CPU Level 2 cache size has been added to the ASCII log file.
  • Extensive updates to this help file.
  • Dual CPU support was added for speed and temperature measurement. In V1.0 only a single CPU would be reported on.
  • Better CPU speed measurement. In some configurations, such as multiple CPU systems, V1.0 was reporting the wrong speed. The test is now much more accurate on all systems. In some cases we can even measure to 1/10th of a Mhz.
  • We went into partnership with the Hmonitor (hardware monitor) people, to do temperature monitoring. When running BurnInTest with Hmonitor, the main window and the log file will record the CPU(s) temperature.
  • The visual appearance of the main window was improved.
  • Command line parameters can now be used to specify configuration file that will be loaded at startup.
  • The menu options were rearranged into more logical groupings.
  • Allowed test configuration files to be saved and loaded. This allows multiple test configurations to be supported.
  • A Network connection test was added to test your networking hardware and software.
  • A Memory test was added to test the available RAM in the computer.
  • Shareware period extended to 30days (it was 15days in V1.0).
  • A registration button was added in the toolbar.
  • Improved 256 color Icons for each test window and the main window. Each Icon for each test window is now unique which is a big help when using ALT-TAB to switch Windows.
  • Fixed up a problem when ALT-F4 was used to close the test windows. Now the key combination ALT-F4 can be used to stop all tests from any BurnInTest window.
  • Fixed a minor bug with the Autostop function not stopping if the main window was not visible.
  • Fixed a bug that was stopping the hard disk slide bar in duty cycle window acting independently of floppy disk setting.
  • Re-Wrote the CD Test to better detect error conditions.
  • Allowed the selection of a particular CD player to test. In V1.0 the first CD Player was always used, now any available CD-Player can be selected.

Version 1.0 - 11/Sept/99

  • First version released to the world.