Benchmarking Lab

Independent Performance Benchmarking Services

For over 20 years, PassMark Software have been experts in the field of objective performance testing and analysis. We offer independent evaluations of software and hardware products for performance and system impact.

Our consultancy services help you to stay ahead of your competitors at any point within your product's lifespan. For software which is yet to be released, we can advise you of any potential performance deficits by testing using metrics that reflect 'real world' scenarios, similar to those experienced by your end users. For companies wishing to promote newly released products, the independent and reproducible nature of our data gives sales staff and marketers reliable performance data to facilitate direct and credible product comparisons with competitors. For research and development purposes, our detailed consultations can assist you to objectively assess a product's strengths and weaknesses and assist you in meeting your product's performance and sales goals.

Our consultancy team includes experienced test analysts who have access to a wide range of hardware and testing environments. We are regularly sought out by vendors seeking reliable, objective performance testing and consultation on a range of software products. Typically, we privately publish one or more independent performance reports each month for various publishers.

Example reports can be found here.

Benchmark Case Studies and Capabilities

For futher examples of our benchmarking capabilities and reports, we have included a range of case studies across both Software and Hardware.

Competitor Analysis Job Type: Software Customisation
Task: Bandwidth testing for NASA's ISS
Customer: NASA
Customisation of existing software, running on the International Space Station (ISS) to load test the earth to ISS radio link and graphically report on network errors at different network load levels.

Job Type: Competitive Analysis
Task: Compare and Benchmark AV Software
Customer: Top 5 AV Companies
Run and provide benchmark testing and result reports for multiple Antivirus Software companies. Major Antivirus competitors are tested across performance metrics, with final scores ranking their overall performance in a PDF report. Task was to both measure the performance impact of running AV software and to do a competitive analysis.

Job Type: Software Testing
Task: Performance Testing PC Cleaning
Customer: Piriform
Performance testing of PC cleaning software to provided an analysis of it's effectiveness and report of the benefits the application would have on a computer systems performance under a variety of difference real life scenarios.

Job Type: Competitive Analysis
Task: Compare and Benchmark Cloud backup Software
Customer: Webroot
Run and provide performance testing to compare cloud backup across major competitors in the online backup space. Products were tested across a range of metrics to confirm the performance of the client's product.

Job Type: Competitive Analysis
Task: Compare and Benchmark NAS Software
Provide performance testing for a specialist software developer which migrated data between NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices within large companies. The results of their product were compared with two of their major competitors.

Job Type: Testing
Task: Website Load Testing and Response Times
Website load and page response times are becoming an integral part of both the success and positive user experience of a website. Issues such as concurrent usage, finding bugs, improving website performance and customer retention are all impacted by poor load and response times. PassMark has provided testing, evaluation and result reporting.

Job Type: Tender Development
Task: Determining Minimum System Requirements for Tenders
PerformanceTest benchmarks are often set as a requirement in Tender Proposals, and as such PassMark has developed a high level of experience in developing minimum system requirements when building a tender.