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Software & Hardware Market Information Benchmark data dumps

As the maintainer of one of the world's largest databases of hardware benchmark results, PassMark Software has access to a large amount of information about hardware purchasing trends of consumers, especially by computer enthusiasts and professionals.

Our advisory services can help software developers, promoters, decision makers and investors keep on top of software and hardware markets with aggregated data on past and current market trends. Depending on your business requirements, we will tailor an in-depth analysis with market information and trends which are of interest to you.

From the evaluation of market saturation of certain models of hardware to specific analysis by geographical location, we are able to provide you valuable insights into hardware and software markets which cannot be obtained from any other source.

Our services give valuable information about your competitors through objective product comparison on credible, replicable performance data and feature set analysis.

Currently, we have made general Manufacturer Market Share trend graphs available to the public on our benchmarking sites.

Licensing benchmark data

CPU, HDD & Video card benchmark data are available to be licensed. Two level of data dumps are available as CSV files for download from a secure web page.

Average performance per model

For CPUs, HDDs and GPUs, a dump is available that gives the average performance per model. So at the moment there would be roughly 3000 rows of CSV data per CPU, HDD and GPU. New devices normally appear in the list within a week of being released. Data is updated daily. Data is now also available Android and iOS mobile devices. Example dumps can be found below:

Individual benchmark results

This is a much larger dump of more than 1,000,000+ individual benchmark results from V9 and V10. Data is updated weekly. Each row of data contains the individual benchmark results for a particular machine, with the result for each benchmark test being available for each machine. Benchmark tests cover CPU, 2D, 3D, RAM, Disk and more. Basic system information is also provided for each result. Example benchmark results dump can be found here.

License costs

Fixed one off setup costs (for all orders) $300
CPU Averages, 12 months of daily dumps $500
Video Card Averages, 12 months of daily dumps $500
HDD Card Averages, 12 months of daily dumps $300
RAM Stick Averages, 12 months of daily dumps $300
Benchmark Detail (x86 data), 12 months of weekly dumps $2500
iPhone & iPad devices, 12 months of daily dumps $250
Android devices, 12 months of daily dumps $500


Contact us for ordering details.

Use Restrictions

There are some restrictions on the use of the data. The data can not be resold and can not be used to reproduce the benchmark charts on our web site. Depending on the circumstances a NDA maybe required.